Fashion Dawn

Not sure of the shield used, but the shoulders are a perfect fit. :heart_eyes:

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How do people get these plain black backgrounds and good lighting?

Black background it’s a feature of grim internals:

[update] For doing super close and cool shots while in-game (I mean the Main Campaign not the Main Menu) use GrimCam (with Grim Internals)!

For hiding background and zoom in Main Menu:

For Vanilla/AoM menus with different lightnings and settings

Here are menus sorted from the coldest to the hottest colors:

  • Vanilla (3 points)
  • AoM (2 points)
  • FG (1 point)

Here are menus sorted from the lightest to the darkest

  • AoM (3 points)
  • FG (2 points)
  • Vanilla (1 point)

AoM is the winner here with 5 points and the best compromise between color temperature and brightness.
Also the best background in my opinion if you decide not to hide it.

My current algorithm is:

  • make an illusion
  • copy different options.txt with setting for best screenshots
  • use a chosen menu, hide it and zoom the character
  • set the character in a preferred rotation
  • let the character move and mash the Steam’s screenshot button
  • choose the best screenshot (matters especially if illusion has auras and lightnings)
  • (new Instagram tricks) adjust the picture with
    • adjust -> color temperature -> cold to max
    • adjust -> adjust light levels -> highlights raised a bit

Sometimes I also swap background with the forum color with
It’s not feasible if an illusion has auras or lots of spiky elements.

Here’s Hedge upgrade after the lunapic procedure mentioned above which changes the lightning to the morning one
Before - After:


TSS Warlock


Composed by @spyrosagranitis


Byscilla “gave” my char one of her shoulder gear as a gift (after she was being threatened). :rofl:


Yo char be mirin her up and down.
<glad to see the model clearly, she’s a few pixels with my performance settings even at max zoom>

A Death Dervish, coming soon.


Changed my Warlord’s outfit :slight_smile:


Please imagine the lightning under the character’s feet is the color of Aether.


The Soldier and the Witch

Got back to GrimDawn after a while, and while I wasn’t able to create the outfit I wanted (and that I actually got back to make), I rolled out two other outfits instead.

Rienne van Setten (Vindicator)

Rienne is a riflewoman serving her time in the Black Legion, doubling as a scout, an infiltrator, an executioner. Her prey of choice are mages and witches, and while she cannot evoke the null-aura like the spellbreakers do, she makes up for it with her iron will, sharp eye and steady hand. With a custom-made carbine on her shoulder, this soldier will march one thousand miles and one thousand more to root out the threats to the Empire, just as she has sworn to do back in the day - one round and one hole in the forehead at a time.

Samedi Lykaon (Warlock)

Answering the call of the wild magic, definitely unsanctified by the Luminari, Samedi has sacrificed a lot in her life. And now, when she has finally gained the firm grasp on it, with both powers of Aether and Chaos bent into submission, she is going to challenge the Witch Gods themselves. They are weak, she knows, masking their impotence with false arrogance and pretencious silence. And she is going to lay their lies bare for all to see. Just as the king walks naked, so do the Three.


         - Happy Summer Holidays -


Dude, I miss that background.

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Haha, ‘Vanilla vibes’ was the other title I considered.

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You can easily have that background. Just follow the steps as listed here…

[Request] Main Menu Selection

Did some rework, with Tenebris she was looking more badass but these weapons also really cool.

And changed the boots with this one, better than krieg boots.


I tried to recreate Mogdrogen outlook. The helmet model does not exist in the game (as far as I know), so took another with antlers. And, of course, Blessed Cleaver of Mogdrogen as weapon illusion :slightly_smiling_face:.


My Harra Spellbreaker. I like the witch look for this and the badass scythe

My Virtue Aegis Paladin. Closest I’ve done for a Taskmaster cosplay