Favorite mastery

I know that this might sound mighty unoriginal, but what is your favorite basic Mastery? Yes, I know, mixed masteries matter, but if you could 100% any Mastery, which would it be? And why? Aesthetics / Lore / Gameplay / endgame Efficiency etc…

Here is an outside poll if something gets borked up: https://www.strawpoll.me/17531614

I’d pick Defense mastery because I like defense and Titan Quest in general.

PS: You’ve never stated you mean a Grim Dawn mastery. :smiley:

I did in my linked poll. :wink:

Has to be demo, because my best builds somehow usually happen to be fire builds and demo is often very good at that. I also like fire devotions the most i think.

It’s very cool, you’ve to agree. Not necessarily the most effetive, but very cool nonetheless.

shaman is my favourite mastery, just because my first character was a shaman. I strolled around putting 1 point into any skill and had fun with my buddy briarthorn, without any pet bonuses. Turns out, damage, defense and quality of life are really bad when you have 12 skills with 1 point each in it. :rolleyes:

Demolitionist followed by Occultist I’d say.

Jesus, jeebus that Demo is out of this world! All those BEAUTIFUL explosions! One should name him Rodall Juhziz or something(or Tsing Tao, but that’s a beer). :slight_smile:

I wasn’t even aware… <3

Mainly because of runes on ground to plant, I really like them.

The coolest looking guy is occultist so i went with it :slight_smile:

Also all the skills names and such sound like cool powers to have.