Fear Debuff

I am looking for some help in creating a skill that when activated fears nearby enemies for a duration, it has a passive modifier that will also heal you once unlocked.

I have tried using the curse of frailty debuff but that don’t work and the passive heals the enemies, so then I tried using blood of dreg which kind of works but will only fear enemies when you hit them.

Warcry template allows me to use the fear correctly however.

Problem comes when using a skill_modifier, that the HP Regen has no duration configuration so it stays up the entire time of the cast which is not what I want obviously.

Does anybody have any ideas as to how to create such a skill.

Thanks in advanced

Skill_buffradiustoggeled or skill_buffradius (dependant on if you want to toggle it) + skillbuff_debuff and then for the healing skillsecondary_buffradius.

your a star thank you so much :slight_smile:

ahh wait sorry what I meant by modifier was I actually wanted a skill that fears, then a linked passive skill that will heal. So two separate skills with the passive activating automatically off of the fear debuff.

Is this possible? If not I can just adjust the skill so it’s all in one.

That’s exactly what the above described does.

OK I’m trying to get it working now.

Thanks for your help Elfe

Try skill_buffattackradiusduration.tpl or skill_buffdebuf.tpl for the main skill and skillsecondary_bonus.tpl or skilsecondary_buffradius.tpl or skillsecondary_buffselfduration.tpl to create more complex buff for the skill modifier.

You will need to set them properly in the classtree or the “skillsecondary”, your modifier, won’t affect the main skill even if they are aligned in the UI.

Thanks, I will try this tonight, couldn’t get it working last night but I was tired and frustrated as I thought setting a skill like this would be straight forward, and probably is if you know what your doing :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again for all your help

Lol, just curious, dat stuff with secondary chain skills even works here?

Found in skills
onplayerskills\attackrangeddirect lightning1 and its chain lightning skill lightning2_chain.
First i added lightning1 to item, and there was just lightning. Then i replaced curse of fraility and modifier on dat skills(with all necessary stuff like renaming files, adding in skill tree and ui) and yeah, it’s was just one skill too.

From my limited attempts last night, I found that using Murlocking’s advice of skill_buffdebuff (Thanks for that :)) actually worked in getting the skill to both fear on click and heal over time, but the fear lasts for 5 seconds much like a prolonged fear aura.

What I really want is a skill much like Warcry, it fears enemies in a radius of 5 metres from the character when activated but does not have an aura, it is an instant cast so to speak. I then wanted an additional passive skill that would increase your HP regen rate, the problem I have is the heal will last the entire time of the Cooldown and not for say 40-40% of the cooldown. I don’t want an infinite healing skill :slight_smile:

I have not found a solution to this issue yet, but TBH, I don’t have much time in the week to look in depth, hopefully this weekend I will get it fixed.