Fear of flight

[FONT=“Franklin Gothic Medium”] I don’t know if this is already posted. Consider flying animals as flying animals a true challenge, that can fly over impassable terrain and require ranged weapons to hit. Now, I am liking the fact that monsters can use cover to snipe players.

Consider also allowing enemies to swap from melee to ranged as needed as enemies can diversify their strategies in response to the players use of ranged/melee. /FONT]

i don’t recall any diablo-like arpgs that has flying enemies unreachable by melee attacks… (these enemies will force melee builds to use their much weaker ranged attacks/abilities…) meleeing dragons in skyrim isn’t fun if you don’t have the shout that can force them to land… you have to stay in cover all the time while they’re flying (and they fly a lot…)

flying enemies will make ranged attacks mandatory for all builds…

however, the idea of enemies that can shoot you while they’re taking cover(by phasing to another dimension?) for few seconds of invulnerability sounds interesting… (borderlands 2 tiny tina dlc’s electric skeleton mage is an example that has made many players frustrated) they’re pretty similar in mechanics to flying enemies, but melee and ranged builds will both have pretty much the same advantage against them…

Causing players to carefully plan builds that include various aspects of using a variety of abilities is an interesting idea. A magic missile, or an aoe spell could still hit these airel attackers. Also having certain immunities to various attacks ir types can certainly keep the players on their toes and certainly pull off some really creative problem solving who says that terrain, like hills, trees and towers in logical places could make the player work a little bit more to bring down foes

modding might helps.

in the meantime, there are several enemies & bosses in GD that has skills that grants them few seconds of invulnerability. just pretend they’re flying while they activate those skills. :smiley:

Good idea for GD2. Time someone made a list of those.

Get back down here right now, Cronley. :mad:

That’s basically what they are not doing with resistances.
You know, where you’d have to have a second damage type, but then there’s resistance reduction and it’s so powerful that it’s best to stack it even against enemies that aren’t actually resistant.
In other words, all for it.
Could use AoE Debuffs, thrown weapons, etc. to level the playing field - or have melee aerial enemies that are only hitable for the half second they dive in, with a damage profile focussed on bursts.
Poison would be a strong option there, that’s also often shunned because people can’t bear seeing an enemy take multiple seconds to die.

I don’t exactly remember D2’s vultures fondly so not too keen on bringing that feeling back.

Thank you! I always hated that the vultures were invulnerable as they flew around, so I really appreciate being able to attack enemies as they ambush me in GD.

You guys are forgetting about those flying rocks which shoot icicles

well… if flying enemies are added as additional obstacles in boss fight, they’ll provide interesting challenge to that boss, and make the rewards well worth it for facing those annoying buggers.

however, for those flying enemies that has no chests or champions near their spawn point… skip them. they’re just trolls.

but… how about a zone that gives almost exclusively flying enemies… that’d be a favorite place for masochists.

That means Crate has already implemented what op suggests!

umm… that also means the obsidian turrets in bastion of chaos and cold traps in step of torment can be considered flying enemies…:p?

i think flying enemies and invulnerable enemies have almost similar mechanics in arpgs…

Well, they did land after all. Im thinking those vultures should have been vulnerable to being hit with ranged weapons/skills

I have to admit I didn’t remember them at all. Wasn’t annoyed by them. It just sort of made sense.
I actually like the concept.
Besides, the problem with those kinds of enemies is only if they don’t engage.

That will be a very game breaking bug. especially if you have to defeat them all to progress into a quest.

borderlands 2’s ultimate badass surveyor on digistruct peak can sometimes fly into a wall and get stuck inside it forever…:eek: destroying your peak run. have horrible experience of that, that i don’t think i’ll play digistruct peak again… considering that bug occurs on the latest patch.