Feed Back on a witch hunter build

First off: http://grimcalc.com/build/IM9cqvk this is the skill build.

I have not decided on devotion as that is very difficult to determine/path out for me. If someone could help with this that would be awesome.

What I was thinking when I made this:

  • Decent survivability (Night’s Chill / PB / BoD) Played properly I don’t think I’d die SUPER easily.

  • CC ( Night’s Chill / CoF)

  • Okay AoE with dreegs eye. From what I noticed the main skill get’s the radius gets added together from the passive for the skill. This is why I have 1 into all of them. Also, using the skill off this relic to deal out more AoE damage http://grimdawn.wikia.com/wiki/Dreeg’s_Affliction_(relic)

  • Debuffing resistance for more damage and to take out acid/poison based monsters.

Some things I am skeptical about would be the amount of points I put into skills. “Elemental awakening” passive for PB would be one of them but I was thinking “hey free resists” but it doesn’t really help out my build in any other way.

This would be the second build I made myself and my first didn’t pan out too well so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Just so you know, this is the wrong forum for build advice.

With that in mind, I would switch around a few things. First, terrifying gaze is only ok if you were spamming DEE, and is downright terrible with the transmutor. Elemental awakening isn’t worth the points unless you really need the resistance. Like terrifying gaze, merciless repertoire is pretty bad. When you have 1500% poison damage, another 50-100% more isn’t going to do much. Here is what I would change.


Keep in mind that as you get +skills from gear you can put more points into things like aspect of the guardian. NHH and NJE provides two more poison dots. This is a build where you shadow strike in, apply your dots, then get out and do it again. Most people who run a poison dot build use an offensive devotion setup, so that is what I included.

I have a similar char at level 80. I have similar skill distribution (not exactly the same), but the difference is the items you use. If you have (or will have) dreeg’s set and the dreeg component, you’ll get extra poison attacks. I’ll put an screenshot of the devotions (I had to expend a lot of time to get the best ones).