[Feedback] A Few (Unrelated) Issues I Have

First off, I’d like to thank you all for this incredible game! I really only have a few issues that fall outside of the realm of game balance, so I’ll jump right into them:

Graphics & Visuals

  1. The Necromancer’s Spectral Binding & Master of Death aura visuals should be reversed. Spectral Binding’s icon and description seem better suited for the ghostly aura. Master of Death’s icon and description seem more appropriately suited to the skull aura.


  1. Would it be possible to have the “Complete Components” button complete them in such a way that it doesn’t move the final, upgraded components to the position where the component pieces were? Maybe I’m the only one out there that even notices this and I’ll readily admit, it’s borderline OCD, but as I’ve played more and more, and collected more and more, it’s beginning to become kind of a pet peeve of mine.

  2. Is there a way that item or ability descriptions can be displayed onscreen in a way that it doesn’t cover up your bank inventory? Ideally, the descriptions would be forced into some set position onscreen at all times so you don’t have a massive box of text popping up on screen while in a life or death battle because your mouse happened to hover over it but I can use the loot filters to circumvent it somewhat.

It’s really only bothersome when I’m attempting to compare specific components or augments for a piece of gear and the description box for that piece of gear covers my entire bank page, making it hard to tell what I’m looking at.

That’s all I have for now. Thank you for your time!

Sorry but one little detail strikes me as odd… How can you be in a “life and death battle” and be checking your bank inventory at the same time?

If you mean descriptions of items that dropped on the ground, you can turn that off in options. Or you can press x to hide all drops.

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Is there a way to have items not show while mobs are on screen? I’ve been dying for an option like that. Toggling drops doesn’t work for me cuz I always forget to turn them on…until I realise my inventory is decidedly empty :frowning:

Learn to not forget to toggle on because there is no such option.

I’m not. It was a general comment, hence why I said “ideally” and “at all times,” and why I said at least I can somewhat circumvent it being an issue while in combat with loot filter toggling.

More simply put…

It would be nice if item descriptions could be forced into a set corner of the screen that doesn’t interfere with your bank or character panel screen.

This would also be nice even while in combat, since it would help reduce the amount of occurrences of huge loot boxes potentially concealing ground effects or enemies because your mouse might be hovering over them, as often happens with pet classes.