Feedback After Several Playthroughs

So, love the game. Scratches the Settlers itch I have had for years while STILL waiting for that latest installment. Anyhow, quick easy list of things needed or improvements looking for based on 50+ hours of gameplay:

  1. Horses, Pigs, Sheep, Chickens(Even if free range) point is based on the time period you are going for they should all have these.

  2. Boats for the fisherman. Seems like a no brainer but if no nets they should at least have boats

  3. Mentioned many times but rivers, seas, bridges…you get it

  4. Upgrades or additional people to the compost piles. Why only one? you build for over 500 people you need 4 different piles and still barely covers the city, additionally citizens hate them so really need to add more helpers

  5. VERY FEW traders offering medicines or medicinal roots(Or other resources your city may lack) and have literally gotten maps with no roots. I’m fine with trading for things and easy to afford closer to end game but the stuff has to at least be made available

  6. Why not get rid of the terrain tool altogether? Let us plot out what we want to build and where and then the builders come in flatten if needed and then build anyway. It is all a part of normal construction anyway so not sure why we are separating this functionality

  7. Other cities or hamlets that you can take over or have merge into yours. Obviously as you get bigger and stronger it would happen

  8. Several additional building types will be needed - Stables, Butchers, deeper mines(Know you are working on it), rock quarries, Woodsmith(Boats, oars, etc unless you add to furniture shop just change name).

  9. The glassmaker ratio is awful. Like I have to have 3 to 4 going full time with 6 people to keep the perservists running nonstop for lots of food variety. Same with the flour to bread ratio…10 bags for a loaf of bread?!? Crazy

  10. A way to prioritize repairs. Many people have stated it sucks when half your town needs upgrades right now…but no way to prioritize them over others. I have seen several times where they let the theater collapse or barn collapse because missing one board or stone and they keep taking those resources elsewhere until they have to rebuild it fully at half the original cost.

  11. Bricks take way too long for so little a product. They’d fill a kiln up in real life or put hundreds in a hole and do hundreds at a time but is very slow going here

  12. What the heck is up with the firewood cutters? Like more often than not I only see one working, if they feel like it even with tons of wood in storage. Have literally watched people freeze and die without wood just because they aren’t cutting any

  13. More wildlife - Pheasants, rabbits, ducks, elk, beavers, etc. It would not be just deer they would hunt and the uses for pelts would have been numerous.

  14. A way to use the empty time in crop rotations. I like the crop rotation system and works really well once you get a hang of it but there are several months sometime with no crops throughout the years the farms could be improving it even if shorter than your current farms weed and remove stone window.

  15. The raider system needs some adjusting for sure. Happens every few years like clockwork but later game two or three groups attack at the same time and all at different access points. If this was coordinated attack from well known enemies that would be one thing, but these are raiders. Should be more random(Not working together they wouldn’t attack in an organized manor at same time in real life).

  16. I would love to know how we “cure” citizens of rabies…but I see them back up and at it when that isn’t exactly something I can rub some medicinal root on and fix in real life

  17. Should be a plague outbreak possibility that could wipe out most of your town. Very real threat back in day and age

  18. Ability to buy or pay for celebrations or parties to boost mood morale or something. Also done through out history should be here

  19. Dogs and cats(especially cats, natures defense against mice)

  20. Fires are full blown infernos in the game. The citizens always get them out but lots of that stuff should start smaller with some smoke or something. Would allow the houses with surplus of water to use that first before citizens drop everything and rush to aide. Also, far more realistic.

  21. Why the hypothermia and death by exposure so frequently? People would seek shelter wherever they could in real life yet I see so many citizens trekking across the landscape without a care for their safety returning from a job and then just dying.

Main ones I can think of for now. Hope something here helps. Great job so far though!

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