[Feedback] Can Vitality resist on Mark of the Dark Dreams be changed into something else, please?

It looks like it’s one of the older Cold items that that used to have a lot of Vitality resist for some (thematical?) reason. Any other resist (except probably Bleeding one) would be so good here.

To prove my point, here are some examples of difference cold archetypes and their Vitality overcaps:

Trozan’s Skybreach Spellbreaker - 109% Vitality overcap
Chillwhisper Infiltrator - 74% Vitality overcap
Harra’s Infiltrator: 51% Vitality overcap
Korba Trickster - 51% Vitality overcap
Deathmarked Blademaster - 89% Vitality overcap

So please, change it to any other resist.

Change it to phys res please. #jokingnotjoking

Yes please.
Pierce/Aether/Chaos would be good.

i’d even take elemental and delete both vit and cold. The cold res is redundant .

But that won’t happen since other medals have this theme




Unless it’s changed to poison or pierce resist, please don’t touch it. My mageslayer build has only 27% vit resist overcap so the 30% from the medal is needed.

Wouldn’t you be able to compensate with augments/componets if resists changes to something else? I mean Vitality resist is super easy to get on Elemental builds.

Yes I could easily compensate if the vit res was changed to poison, pierce or maybe chaos, these are hardly overcapped in my build. But if it changed to aether or bleed for example, I’d have a hard time to compensate. Unless I’m missing something of course.

Here’s the build I’m talking about https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV18qDD2 The missing ring is Prime Ring of Morgoneth (even more elemental resist).

If anything I’d say give some chaos resist to the mageslayer set or increase the current resists. Then again, I have no clue about item balancing and usually keep out of these discussions, I only reacted to this thead because your idea directly threatens my current favorite build :sweat_smile:

You can change glove component to the one that gives vita res for example (since your elemental is all right). Or you could use Tainted Heart in medal. A lot of ways, imo. Like jewellery augment that gives 50% to elemental, 15% bleed res and 15% vita res, etc.