[Feedback] Controller Support

I recently returned to the game from a longer break and noticed that there is a new controller system in place.

Sadly it also seems to have broken/gotten rid of some of the old functionality.

The main thing thats missing is the ability to get a cursor on screen without having the skill/inventory/other window open.

Would it be possible to get that feature back? It was so much faster to assign skills that way with a steam controller compared to using the new system.


The cursor travels too slowly from any side to the window in question. But then, if they could accelerate it in general, it would be too fast when you try to aim something “small”, like your own tp in the map. The ideal way would be fast till it meets a window, or auto-center inside the window if you open it. And start moving it from that position.

But this is actually a minor issue. The only thing that has truly bothered me is that the controller sometimes stops working at all when you do shadow strike and your tp or some item was on the way. For some reason, sometimes, even if you were aiming clearly an enemy, the char stops where the tp is, or where the item was… And then doesn’t respond anymore to ANYTHING. I tried disabling and enabling the pad again, etc. Nothing. I had to exit the game.

Doesn’t happen that often though, especially if you have filtered items to a higher category.

I had no issue with the cursor travel speed with a steam controller previously.

It felt a bit off at first with the new system too but seems to be fine now that i upped the trackpad sensistivity in the controller settings.

Having spent a bit more time with the new system now it feels pretty solid. The addition/return of on screen cursor for selective looting and skill assignment however would be nice