[Feedback] Current Trozan's state

Hello everyone
You might have thought that there is some complaining about Trozan, but no.
I have played it many times since 1.1.4 and want to give feedback.
In general set is super good. I love it so much now. As soon as GT works, I will make a proper guide for Warlock
Though the set needs little tweaks

7k HP with -HP mod and Grava’s aura. It makes life very difficult)
Also when Cojurer and Warlock have decent phys res with blood of Dreeg, Druid doesn’t.
Could we make this set more friendly by adding 5% phys res on the chest and +10% HP as a set bonus?

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Yes, it’s sound proposal. Druid Achilles heel is the physical resistance, the Warlock is really low health. So good idea. Although some people might argue the set is too strong already. I don’t think so, cause it’s too glassy for me to even complete Gladiator often :smile:

So little added tankiness won’t break Trozan play style.

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Clearly the answer is to nerf Grava because he gives this build trouble :grin:

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I am for adding 10% hp bonus somewhere. Adding both hp and phys res seems like a bit too much. Or balance it like 5% phys res to Mogdrogen pact and 10% hp to Blood of Dreeg (although Conjurers will benefit too much from it).

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There’s no space for additional mods in Skybreach, at least by current conventions: it already supports three primaries and includes a proc. It’s rare enough just to see defensive modifiers for supporting skills. (Which is a pity, I feel.)

Also note that both the chest and shoulder piece have flat health bonuses, so it might be easier to increase their values to start with. It’s not as if they’re getting picked by non-Skybreach builds.

I’ve previously suggested adding Fumble to TSS, although that might not work out in practice: it’s a strong debuff, but at the same time it won’t do much for the one-shot issue. (If it is an issue: the set arguably deserved its glassiness, at least in

I’m finding hp regen is my problem with Trozan as druid. How high can your regen get with Giant’s Blood up?

I’m at around 900hp/s with Giant’s Blood (Mogdrogen Pact 2/10, Heart of the Wild 10/10). For comparison, Pyran sorc gets 600hp/s as base regen and 1700hp/s with Giant’s Blood up.

Yes, those are the values you can achieve with a balanced setup. Ultimately, Skbreach Druid remains one of the many obligate Bat parasites.

Adding HP regen to Skybreach is something I’ve suggested as well, but it probably wouldn’t do much for the kind of issue that Dmt’s describing.

Irrational I know but I really hate Bat. I can get Bat if I give up Tsunami. But the fx for Tsunami is awesome now. It really looks like a proper tidal wave and thematically fits a druid.

From what I can tell, its just SR doing SR things. I’m not sure how high the hp of that warlock is without the debuffs. My druid is at 14K. More hp won’t help with sustain.

Around 15% phys res is also normal for kiting casters though having more is always welcome.

Or put them both as modifier of that passive skill of arcanist which give +%OA n spirit?

Trozan is already cool though. I would actually prefer for us to fix this with other means of item or devotion. Cramping all stats in the set is actually why this game feels like making us to use set as a mandatory means in end game scheme.

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How good is trozan conjured btw? Thinking of it it looks really good on paper since even post nerf devils should still do damage and warlock shows sigil damage is okay. All while having the phys res of occultist and the hp/stun res of shaman. I haven’t played trozan since forever tho so I can’t really say anything.

yeah, it’s obviously very good! :slight_smile:

I should try playing that when grimtools is back.

Warlock and Conjurer are super good
Druid is far behind

Glad that I’m not the only one who thinks that Trozan needs little defensive buffs :partying_face:

We’ll seeeeeee… :wink:

I have Trozan druid. Dru has better DPS then Warlock, but Warlock is much more enjoyable and easier to play.

I use the set for other things, not using TSS, lol. Offensively so good, but defensively still need to be perfected.

Trozan is already good. Making it too strong offensively and defensively will make it boring. LoL

I’m watching at all those Iscandra, Ulzuin and Cyclone with tons of OA, DA and phys res, and it makes me cry :laughing:

Hm, if RoH wasn’t nerfed so hard, I would make Deceiver with Sigil and Rune :heart_eyes:

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Yeah, that would be beautiful.
Or you can always make it more lightning with stormbox instead. Sounds like fun