[Feedback] Did Crucible got stealth buffed in

Because I have tested it with five completely different builds and it kind of feels like it did get stealthily buffed. Anyone else felt that?

For me Crucible is buffed every day because my laptop is slowly dying :smile:

On a more serious note, with steady decline of my rig’s performance i noticed how i started dying much more often - i play melee and it often feels like the char has unnatural dips in leech. Some of the “immortal” chars i had now barely survive in Cruci. Can low fps affect you missing on dps because no input? :thinking: And when i loaded the performance dropped even more and the dmg spikes seem to be more severe. So i can’t tell if it’s stealth Cruci buffs or my performance nerfs.

All in all, i wouldn’t be surprised if it was buffed. Basically every patch comes with net buffs, and this one has probably the biggest across-the-board buffs i’ve seen. If endgame was stealthily buffed it would’ve been understandable (although not exactly welcomed).

Edit: also talking about Cruci buffs. Can we have some Fs in the chat for blue Beronath? Not sure if there is any blue replacement for it, but i haven’t found it thus far.

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my ancient laptop from 2010 can play grim dawn with all graphics lowered and with average frame rate of ~10 fps with screen lag of ~0.5 to ~1.5 secs here and there in battles against crowds or lots of fx happened in screen. sometimes, in those screen lag moments, my permanent buffs would rapidly switch on/off for like 0.5-1.0 sec, causing me to lose the buff’s effects in those lag moments (i noticed my max health were changing accordingly with the on/off blinks of my buffs which were also displayed by my buffs’ icons blinking too in the status effects above health bar). making me very reluctant of doing end tier crucible/sr.

so to answer your question, yes. those low fps/screen lag moments can affect the game mechanics. not to mention for fast attack/spell spam characters, that means they can’t do anything in those slight lag moments.

I swear every single patch I hear this over and over again, that some stuff (crucible or shat. realms) was stealth buffed


I don’t know about stealth buffed by I swear I can sense a new hidden algorithm of selecting mutators:

IF “chaos FoI” THEN “Corrupted” OR “Voidmarked”


Could you elaborate further?

I don’t undestand the question

I think the question is about the mob having certain item (it would “drop” in the end chest) that affects its stats. Tbh i’m not even sure if thats the case in MC. Seems to be mobs just have random modifiers which don’t depend on the items they carry…

Anyway, as far as Cruci goes monsters seem to have rather stable stats based on how they die. If some items would affect them it would show great difference between how they perform.

Items on human enemies like fabius or Alek is probably the biggest source of one shotting in crucible. %human and relevant boost in spirit/damage is devestating, easily adds few thousands of damage.

Theres stacking resist armor on a human enemy already high in res and also a mavien on top making them tanky as hell.

Also some stuff like debuffed DA/armor then gets unlucky triple critted by overhead slam.

The faster you go the faster you start ignoring these things and suddently 100-0ed. Since these factors varies immensely thats why i suspect people suddently felt a crucible run they did became very hard.

I don’t know enough to say for sure.

But I will say this - kill times can feel very different on the same enemy, on the same round (e.g. fighting aleksander in 165, and again in 170).

This discrepancy tends to be a lot more tangible when you are fighting an enemy who’s particularly resistant to your damage type.

Alex is undoubtedly slower in 161 than other waves. Also Sister Crimson can absorb big damage. Recently had a build which struggles with Sentinel for some reason. Mobs shorter CD means more often absorb spells being used but sometimes the interaction between mutators and enemies may lead to unpleasant and unexpected results.

Even if you have nullify too

So fucking Korvaak, an ultra boss somehow sneaked into crucible 169 pretending to be a normal wave boss.

He is no1 cause for deaths on my run. If he gets to 170 its always a headache to salvage the clusterfuck.

Since then Korvaak are become a super boss?

If you look under grimtool he is actually classified as celestial under normal game and “superboss” in SR.

He hits very very hard and has an invunerability mechanics that spawns a bunch of crap at you. He is fine on his own but paired with 4 nemesis its pretty rippy.

It’s not korvaak. he’sactually fine imo. it’s annie.

Annie dmg output is quite ridiculous and unpredictable, she even oneshot my tanky WB in SR 70 as well.

It’s her RR. She can shreds 50% of your resistances IIRC. So when stacked with other debuffs, you can quickly lose up to 70 - 80 res.

Which is why I don’t feel comfortable unless i have about 60% overcap on aether res in naked crucible.

She’s also human, which means:

  1. It’s hard as hell to target her in a mob, so she keeps bombarding you
  2. you can’t stack reduced racial damage against her
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It’s actually combination between these two. And also Korvaak animation is slow, so usually he stays alive in 170, so you have 5 bosses. Korvaak revival with Grava or Kaisan is worst case scenario in 170’s beginning. At same time Anasteria can debuff you resistances so hard that you can be one shotted at 169 or beginning at 170. For example if you start the wave with RR debuff by Annie and DA debuffed by Korvaak you’re pretty much doomed!

TBH, if you kill korvaak last in 170, his reanimation time takes so long that a good DPS spec can typically kill 1 or 2 nems before he actually starts becoming active.

EDIT: I’ve once managed to clear 170 before korvaak could even move a muscle

Which is why it’s always best to kill annie first in 169 so you can isolate her and not get slapped with too many debuffs.

The downside to killing korvaak last is that he will most likely do his levitation bullshit where he becomes invulnerable, which will add 5-6s to your clear time.