Feedback for the devs important plz read noobs!

First off I am Mann. Thats the nickname my mom gave me heheheheheh. I just want to let u know I just got a better situation in life, I solve real world problems as an environmental hero army of one. I am anti-ableist too.

Any way, I am seriously going to do all this. So I want u to know after I do a few years of shows after I make my first 200 million i wanna pay you crate entertainment to make a unique special edition version of grim dawn one that is still with the same multiplayer and mod capacity but with more features and a dedicated fan and staff made mod support forum for making stable bug free mods and bug free base game but with unique features of mods like bag space and new maps being patched in to base game over time so here are the others ideas:

Yo I’m gonna pay crate entertainment to make a MMO out of the current grim dawn with more in depth game play and design it with new stuff and new unique classes possible from all kinds of fan made mods or stuff u wanna make in case of game balance issues and make LVL cap at 200 with items cap raised to 200 and monster lvl raised to 200 lol there are as many classes as the game can support in a mod. Choose from with a massively expanded color coded item tier base and 100 devotion points 300 devotions overhaul devotion system bring back reflect and keep deflect and add better dodge.

Add other stuff to the game then for item tier go white yellow green blue purple gold platinum crystal starmetal for item tiers and a more in depth crafting system and design the game to not only be like a mmo but keep same lobby system mostly overhaul the graphics and update the engine. Make it free to play and add a cosmetic shop and loyal reward skins that gives chars skill skins to make their char look unique also more enemy types.

Not a dark souls game but a bit more challenging and even more over the top arpg combat like this game mix with over the top skillful yet exaggerated combat even more so and add more weapon types and scale up the places to can go to the entire universe not just carn and u can go to different worlds, realms in same universe and do mirror dungeons that mirror all other planets added including cairn and a special mirrored shattered realms where u can find item skill loot that give u scalable passives and monster skills that when u equip it u can learn said skills on ur char, in addtion to everything esle!!!

and even slot skill u learn in to your skill tree to change how a skill works for example if u have a force wave and the crystal and lets say u find a star metal item in mirrored version of shattered realms where there are loot drops with now end are loot drops other than unique craftable cosmetics and draftable item and costmetic creator to some extent that u can use to craft new custom cosmetics and augment the cosmetics that u by from the shop.

It would be so awesome!!! I know this is a long post so no apologies but I am serious about being involved in helping u guys make music promotions for current and new version of grim dawn if u want and I want you guys to just take my money I throw at you and build the game plz!! MONEY TALKS! Ill let you know when I have the 100 mill ready, let’s get it!!!

Powbam sup u can def help give suggestion on game balance just be nice I like power not one-shots or nerf hammers too much and better character creation options and creator and more bag space like ten times bank space and ten time char bag space with large tabs of space for items in the char and bank tabs lol.

cool and if people play mods or base game make it a deicated server so people no longer can cheat anything and have to earn stuff and make a bit more rules and order in mods for better quality mods and gameplay in both mods and a cheat protection thing for the client and game for the new and current version of grim dawn. Serious not trolling. I will email the company when I am ready! The details!!! let’s get it!!! UPDATE:

eventually I will pour 200 million into the crate entertainments devs business and 200 million for path of exile and ask for crossover content in both games cuz both dev teams are awesome!!! i hope to be allowed to work remotely as a staff member at some point once I now work as an independent game dev for myself. I wrote my first ten lines of code!!! I hope we can advise each other on game creation.
I think we could also spit ideas!!!


LMAO :rofl:


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Also, dude: if you were actually serious you’d email the company instead of making a forum post, in the worst format possible to boot. I can’t help but laugh at imagining Zantai reading this lol.



You couldn’t pay me to balance this game to level 300 with 3 masteries per character. :rofl:


morgoneth reading this thread: YUGOL SAVE ME!!!



The big question is, who are these noobs in the thread title? Players or developers? :thinking:


Everyone here is an MMO noob :rofl:


This is some of the best copypasta material I have seen in ages :joy:


Try some punctuation. And paragraphs. Christ.


i suspect that op is secretly a deranged dreeg cultist… though honestly, there are some good feedbacks in that mad rambling. problem is your mind need to endure the dreegtastic poison DoT of text madness before you can glean the truths in there.

for dreeg this is just a normal tuesday stuff.


This sounds great. When you get 100 million together, let me know and I will make your MMO.



@ DiGiovanni, i agree and going to pretend you didn’t make that observation and ask OP, would you like to freebase some aether crystals with me?


everyone lol jk jk :stuck_out_tongue: is a noob from new newbs to apprentive newbs to poor newbs to veteran NOOBS LOL :slight_smile:

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ok i did!! :slight_smile:

i will change it to 200 lvl cap lol

feel free to post it there im a comedian too even tho im dead serious

just emailed them today i thought this was right place thx so i posted a message both spots!!! differnt one in the emial tho that pretty similar but differetn some