[Feedback] Forgotten Gods can be beaten too easily on Ultimate difficulty

I don’t know if patch 1.1.4 changed FG in any way but I feel the minimum level of the last boss is too low in Ultimate. The lower levels are much less dangerous overall which basically makes a speedrun clear of FG as HC SSF from lvl 1 fast and quite easy (not starting in ultimate though ofc). Personally I think it feels quite cheap and boring to be able to kill a final boss of Grim Dawn in Ultimate this easily. I understand that the game has to be balanced for the merit system but on the flip side some devotion and gear preparation in normal/elite allows ultimate FG to be beaten with far less challenge than experienced at greater levels.

My speedrun of Ultimate FG was 4 hours and 20 minutes and was hardcore, it only took a single attempt and really given how easy it was with more xp avoidance I believed sub 4 hours is possible. Ultimate AoM speedrun on the other hand required many attempts, had a lot of deaths and takes at least 7.5 hours or more (my quickest was 8 hr 1 minute). HC AoM would take extreme skill to pull off with the same time but possible in theory.

It is up to you if feel this is right balance wise, but just letting you know if you didn’t already. The video is here if you’d like to take a look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2exWnvQ6z8I

Your title is wrong, you mean that for speedrunners its too easy. For the rest of the world, its not too easy

It isn’t wrong at all. I say that it can, not that it always can be beaten too easily.

You should probably give information on how many hours you have in the game too

I have thousands of hours of playtime so I was using all of that acquired knowledge yeah. It’s up to Crate how they feel about this because D2 Hell couldn’t be beaten this easily with no death afaik?

who cares? speedrunners are in a great minority

Since Ultimate wasn’t touched in the last couple of patches you were probably just lucky.

I care, and yes I am in a minority but again it is up to Crate to decide whether they care or not.

It is also worth pointing out that anyone that starts ultimate at lvl 1 using savior merit isn’t exactly a casual player and nor is it a casual mode. So the final boss being a low and easier level is a bit counter intuitive no?

Isn’t it mostly because AoM is lengthier then FG?
Korvaak is honestly more difficult and damaging than theodin though.

Though that’s pretty arguable, because if you look at the Size alone, AoM wasn’t that much bigger than FG, alot of people falling in the trap to believing this due AoM introduced another 15 Levels for maxcap.

I indeed clear FG faster than AoM. Though it’s also maybe because I clear all the quest and lokarr in the go.

Which i actually understand / agree with, but if i think about AoM Release it was like, you have this gap in terms of difficulty and need to re-level again for the higher Maxcap… which than also introduced a new itemcycle / itemtier. In FG however you was pretty prepared from the getgo, and due the Items which added was only for the variety instead of a new itemtier / itemcycle, it feels easier to get through.

If you look at the Map / Landmass itself and the actual content, it’s not by much smaller than AoM. If you take SR into account AoM can’t compete by size anyway, though that would be in this Argument rather wrong to do so.

FG is approx 75-76% the size of AoM. Then you have SR on top of that.

I think the number of compulsory quests one needs to do, and how accessible they are, is larger in AoM compared to FG. FG questing is pretty straightforward.

FG is indeed much shorter. Only act 1 needs to be completed to go straight there, the quests there don’t give much and there are not many quests to begin with. I suspect that the level is set expecting only the bare minimum meaning the end result is that ultimate has a low minimum level in FG because of the saviour merit. In contrast AoM minimum level ranges are far higher than the bare minimum questing will get you so there is an expectation to do more or face a tough fight.

End result is that FG can be made easier by avoiding xp or doing the bare minimum. When you watch the video though, running through the zones at low level in ultimate and the boss fights. It really is no where near the challenge experienced at later levels in equivalent gear in ultimate so the difficulty feels out of place and inconsistent.