[Feedback] HUD and map

Well, current HUD has several deficiencies. Would be really nice to see this part more tweaked:

  1. Current HUD layout occupies bottom center, covering essential screen space. Becomes even more of a nuisance if it’s enlarged. Would be really cool to have alternative HUD layout where HP/energy, skill buttons etc. are moved to bottom corners.

  2. Minimap is too small. And enlarging HUD to make minimap of decent size makes bottom HUD bar too large. Would be really nice to have separate scaling for it. Overall, I’d prefer some way to customize HUD’s elements positions and sizes freely, tho that is possibly too much work.

  3. With the amount of secret areas which may need backtracking, remembering them all makes yet another issue. Can we have user-defined map waypoints please?

Comments are welcome.

About the minimap - there is a toggle button that resizes it to be larger located on the right side of your energy bar. Not sure if you’re aware of this or want more customisation with it.

As for my opinion HP and Energy pools taking up too much space in their current position…well I can’t be bothered by it that much since I don’t think I’ve thought about it since I started playing. I can kinda see where you’re coming from though, especially since screen real estate is so important while moving downwards. On the plus side you can zoom out insanely far in GD (and TQ) compared to other AARPGs.

As for your suggestion under 3, I can recommend this site. All the one-shot chests and their location can be found there. It also tracks quest and shrine progress.