[Feedback] IEE/Manifestation

Manifestation seems woefully weak at 30% conversion. Please consider doing what was done with Cadence and increasing it to 100% (33% per point) physical to elemental conversion.

If I’m missing some balance reason on why that is a bad idea, perhaps some other pet bonus? It just feels like those points aren’t doing much.

I believe it works in tandem with IEE, so it’s higher than 30%. Pets are allies too, they benefit from auras even if they don’t specifically target pets.

Perhaps the benefits show itself at higher levels. Just seemed a little lackluster.

(Doing Druid, converting Briarthorn’s damage to elemental)

Does IEE’s base conversion apply to pets? The tooltip says it only works on the caster.

If elemental conversion applied to allies it would had been one hell of a multiplayer griefing skill, second only to Fevered Rage. :smiley:

Yes it does but i couldn’t find any build around it. Because other than that skill no support for pet damage in arcanist.

Hmm I guess this was changed a while ago and I never noticed…

Anyway, assuming it doesn’t apply to pets, there’s no reason to have 100% pet conversion because most if not all pet items grant “all damage” to pets.

I decided to go on a little calculation spree and find out what skills benefit from this transmuter. Assuming max points in each of the skills, I found out what percentage of damage was physical.

  • Briarthorn - Thorned Claws (60.0% Physical)
  • Briarthorn - Ground Slam (73.4% Physical)
  • Conjure Primal Spirit - Claw and Fang (79.1% Physical)
  • Conjure Primal Spirit - Tail Strike (0.0% Physical)
  • Summon Familiar - Storm Orb (0.0% Physical)
  • Summon Familiar - Lightning Strike (0.0% Physical)
  • Summon Hellhound - Claw and Fang (52.4% Physical)
  • Summon Hellhound - Blazing Death (43.9% Physical)
  • Summon Hellhound - Ember Claw (0.0% Physical)
  • Summon Hellhound - Infernal Breath (0.0% Physical)

Looking at this, the transmuter seems to have the most benefit with Shaman by quite a bit. The Hellhound’s Blazing Death was a little odd since it also had a 15% Reduced Health on it, which I did not include in the calculation, so the physical damage percentage would be a little lower than I listed. Also, I’m not sure if a dead hellhound gets the benefit from IEE. One of those order of operations things that I’m not too sure of.

I’m also not aware of the physical percentages of summoner from items, like the chillmane or revenant. I would love to get those.

That being said, I still think its a lackluster transmuter BUT perhaps there might be summons in the two new masteries who will make good use of it.

I don’t mean to derail this thread but has anyone managed to make a non-Conjurer pet build yet?

I am genuinely curious

There is a decent Warlock summoner build, but OFF does some heavy lifting in it. (That skill is beyond OP)

You mean Avatar of Dreeg’s build?

Isn’t that a hybrid?

I’m not too sure, I just saw the video in that and it looked pretty summoner to me. I think he used doombolt to proc some things, but generally pretty summoner.

Hmm, thanks.

Bumping because this is still an issue. I believe this transmuter is currently the least meaningful use of skill points that exist in the game, for the reasons described previously in this thread. Possible suggestions…

  • Change to 25/50/75% Physical to Elemental conversion
  • Convert Pierce to Elemental as well as Physical (for Briarthorn)
  • Add additional pet bonuses of some sort (like %OA, flat OA, %chance for extra Elemental damage, etc.)