[Feedback] Necrotic Edge on ranged

I’ll have to record a video, but this WPS has about the slowest proc speed I’ve seen on ranged builds. Causes noticeable hitch, and proccing a few in a row is actually feels counterproductive. The skill itself is nothing special for ranged since it doesn’t have passthrough and as far as I can tell is single target only, so I usually skip it and just focus on reaping strike, which appears to be faster (and better utility but that’s outside scope here).

Veilkeeper set changes this dynamic since it’s one of 3 superpowered WPS with it. Any chance of having the animation speed for ranged juiced a bit? Or is this all in my head?

DW melee animation speed is also one of the slowest WPS.

2H is faster interestingly.

You’re gonna have to elaborate, because for 1h range and 2h range, it doesn’t have a special animation at all and with dual ranged, it uses the same animation as Inquisitor’s Bursting Round, but with a 10% speed increase on top.

You expect me to back up my wildish claims?!?

I’ll grab some video tonight and see if I’m just losing it

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I dunno, I have it on Defiler and didn’t notice anything out of ordinary. All I saw was fiery bullet for regular FS shot, red bullet for Reaping Strike and blue-ish bullet for Necrotic Edge. All use generic firing animation. I was using 1h though.

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