[Feedback] New CC-res crafting bonuses are awesome! But can we get 8-12 spread instead of 4-12?

I understand that 4-12 is a just a previous bonus multiplied by two, but the spread is a bit too much. Crafting an item specifically for Stun resist or Slow resist and getting 4-5% is very frustrating.

Really. Why 4-12? Spreed is too much. Crafting 8+ cc resist is too expensive for non-stasher players

:slight_smile: I think all smiths crafting bonuses should have spread no more than 50% between max and min roll. Like 2-4% bonuces to %phys or %armor from Angrim. Even than not hitting max rolls is kinda stresfull for me

insta +1, it takes insanely high investment to hit +10 cc res, 4-12 range is too big

+1 to this as well, 4-12 spread is too much. With 3 craftables it becomes 12-36 which is huge difference if we talk about stun resistance

I’m also for anything that reduces the RNG on crafting bonuses.
If 8-12 is too good, 8-10 would be preferable to 4-12 to me.

As someone that has hit 4 both times I tried to get it, +1

8-10 seems reasonable, +1

8-12, not 8-10. Let’s not ask for nerfs, gents, this happened before.