[Feedback] New SR Boss Room Aggro

Struggling with this one, as I was updating VoS Druid last night and ran some new SR 75-76 tests. 6 runs, all with the new boss rooms, and only had more than single boss fight once when I purposely woke up one of the skele bros to speed things up.

I assume the previous 1-2-1 design went out the window during testing? Or is it more apparent in the original small boss room?

Results should be much more standardized, as you can either take a boss with ± margin of error for modifiers, or you can not and thus ends the run. On the other hand, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, it’s…boring? For as many times as I previously got super annoyed trying to record runs only to hit SNEK along with any other tough boss and then suffered a 10 minute fit of rage as I smashed into the initial brick wall of group aggro before finishing it, I don’t see any adrenaline rush moments happening in the new design.

Can we get some updated thoughts on how this shook out? Is the expectation that the outcome is a bit more controlled now, but if you still want the oh shit rush go yolo all the bosses at once anyway?


Yes, I agree with you; boss rooms are now(not exactly boring but) more easy. On the other hand I don’t agree with you because damage/OA scaling shouldn’t be underestimated.

Now even heroes in chunks are dangerous. And chunks… They intentionally increase the amount of Arcane+Healer hero combination, now every nemesis has a few heroes accompanied and they are serious debuffers most of the time, if not the healers. OA scaling doesn’t seem much but I used to dive among 4-5 heroes 15-20 trash with ease while farming 75-76 now I can’t. Not just because of the healers or arcane ones but also they hit more accurately.

Low DA especially dangerous, when you go high shards, even heroes have atleast %10 crit change without debuffs. RN pushing a character to 90, at 87; took a break but checked the last hit in chunks;
this is not even hero I suppose though this is a very low DA build, with marked mutator so it’s normally 100 more :smiley:
The hit accuracy is more important than crit chance because when you have low armor to neglect small hits, a dozen of trash hitting at the same time became very dangerous with the latest changes, they miss less now.
And probably in boss room, most nemesis have more crit chance againts me more than I’ve againts them.

So, yeah boss rooms got easier for top-tier builds in farming level, (you can still pull another one, I did a few times today while farming new sets) but the general SR experience got tougher and requires more focus now. I don’t think you can do 75-76 with meme builds anymore because even on 1v1 they hit harder than before.

Timer penalty also creates a real difference on rewards. If you ran down with your timer and kept that way, died a few times etc then you lose 2-3 chests of reward. Although I like the dying penalty, it’s really hard to regain the timer back again. Let’s say you have a solid build and died because of stupidity, the timer is gone, you can’t regain it back. The hero/nemesis bonus should be higher since we spend time while walking aswell.


Interesting, I didn’t notice the OA change much, but that druid is not the build to feel it. I actually went the other way and spirit dumped as much as I could with some devotion changes, so I was running around 2250 DA. Of course passthrough PS evaporates trash before they dare cast their dirty glazes upon my skytorn robes, so I’ll try out some other stuff tonight to feel the standard shard changes.

Either way, that’s a decently sized change to the previous focus for SR, so I’m still curious how playtesting went that we ended up here.

Also in this boss room;(don’t know the name)


You can pull right two at the same time if you play careless and in high shard it means death most of the time. For example first one on the right have thrashs around him and when you use a debuff with spread ability, one of the thrashes back away from you to the other boss, it got pulled easily. The left side is safe though.

And Fabius… They probably change his combat behavior too along with blade spirits. He uses Blade Barrier more often and more smart now.

yea this confused me too, and i feel not only with the current leash and pull range, but also the 1-1-1-1 setup that SR is ridiculously easy now, and the biggest threat is actually screwing up in the chunks

i don’t mind that i can do SR 65 on derp builds now because of the aggro range and boss leash, i do kinda mind all the challenge is in the chunks and the boss room feel borderline pointless

and no, making i biger timer/reward penalty wont change that, it feels silly as is already, since it’s already a “die once lose timer” regardless…

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it is kinda opposite now, before - the chunks were just 5min sleeping and the bossroom that had all the action.


For example, I just got Grava+ Arcane+ Combat Medics right at the start, in front of me in 88 2nd chunk. There is no way around, here is your action :smiley:

i had the most exciting time when i got a chunk, ran into Kaisan (didn’t wanna fight him), ran into Valde, Mossi and someone else “on the escape”, now that was a fun room. - then i’m presented with stationary Fabius in boss room, grava and valde. Not only can i walk up to them with ease, valde doesn’t even tele trigger… But there is enough room to safely “kite” Grava during orbs… without accidetanlly pulling any of the other bosses…
that setup might be “safe”/useable past SR100 or whatever deep pushers like/want… But for regular “casual” SR on 66/76 farm… it’s kinda tedious…

ye chunks are way more fun/“exciting” now, because you know how boring the boss room will be so “anything else” just seems like it’s suddenly awesome lol

They changed the challenge from boss rooms to the regular shards (now giant groups of heroes + crystals shooting sh*t at you is pretty brutal + nemesis that sometimes don’t appear on the minimap and get pulled along with them), so sure boss rooms got easier, but SR as a whole, I don’t think so.


Current SR rework is good for me.

  1. Camera exploit is no longer there.
  2. 1v1 stayed so variety of builds able to push deep shards is not cut into retals, mirror casters and some pet builds.
  3. Agro range reduced so again - variety of builds stay and no reason to use other exploits. It’s still possible to pull all bosses if someone wish (better for faster 75-76 runs). Bosses lose agro slower too, except some Zantarin or another snail.
  4. Penalty for deaths - great. 2 deaths in row should be end, I never liked builds throwing bodies and still receiving full reward.
  5. Monsters damage scaled - good, can be visible during chunks with many monsters on the screen. Over sr100 difference is visible too, but does not matter if all builds can go 5 shards higher or lower due some changes until variety is alive.

Due to current changes 1-2-1 setup is not needed. Death penalty and overall monsters buff is enough, build that notice increased in difficulty vs 2 bosses at 75-76 is not designed really to farming that range, sooner or later deaths will happen at normal chunks at least and loot penalty in consequence. Still everyone who wish to fight more bosses at once can do that, just use mobility skill through the room. Still everyone who wish to fight 1vs1 in deep shards can do that. That’s the best SR change since FG release I have seen, good work Zantai.


Keynen Burntheart, Keynens everywhere, with arcanes, nemesis’ and ground crystals :smiley:

Btw I did not notice more arcane heroes/healers and it’s not included in patch notes. I think only damage was buffed.

Yeah sure there were no changes that Z didn’t declare publicly. Were there use to 2 arcane heroes near nemesis spawns? If not arcane, there are healers and sometimes even they all together. I see Keynen Burntheart in almost every chunk and sometimes there are 2-3 of them in the same chunk.

But since you’re more experienced player than me, maybe I’m just unlucky :slight_smile:

No changes have been made to hero spawns or the frequency of specific archetypes.

Well sorry then, clearly I’m wrong and I must be really unlucky.

But I’m pretty sure I wasn’t seeing this many healer heroes before the patch. Yes there were Alkinus healer gang, Keynen Gang; bloodsingers together, combat medics, witchdoctors etc but now they are like all together and mixed near nemesis or more heroes and I really see same healer heroes in the same chunk more than once.

I feel like I’ve been seeing poison ground AoE dudes like every pack. Pretty sure it’s just too small of a sample in my case. Haven’t noticed heavy healer presence near nemesis fights

Then I’m quite an unlucky player.

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If the boss floor is so boring/easy just pull the whole room? I’m confused…

Have to agree with @AlkamosHater here and say the changes are spot on.

As for meme builds not being able to do 75, with proper planning (i.e. consumables, good piloting, etc.), although the sample size we have is small, it very much can be done. That’s why these changes are so good.

The only issue I personally have now is not having enough time or energy to level everything in HC to play all the builds I want. :expressionless:

I got nulled 4 times in a row until I lose the aggro, really tried not to die. Am I really that unlucky?

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