Feedback on my playthrough so far

Hi Team

Have to say this first; great job and I am really enjoying the game - huge time sink however once you get into it! :slight_smile:

Two issues I’ve run into so would be good to know if anyone else has and how they got round it:

  • Crop Rotation Stops - I’ve had this happen where the crop rotation fails to change to Year 2 and subsequently Year 3. I almost ran out of food and couldn’t work out why. I then watched the farmers fields at the end of Winter and noticed it just repeated Year 1 which is why I had 4000 Flax but not carrots or turnips!

  • Stone - I know this has been addressed in 0.7.5 with the Mega Rock, but in my current game, finding stone is harder than making Heavy Tools. I have to send a “scout” out who eventually dies just to uncover the map to find small pockets. I’m not sure Mega Rock will just appear or whether I’ll have to start again, but ultimately I end up having to buy it from the market when a trader appears. It would be cool if you had a prospector whose sole job was to go and hunt for raw materials like a scout.

  • Walls - The wall management needs to have the ability to priortise long stretches. I’m not sure if this exists and I haven’t found it, but its mildly irritating having to click every single square of the very long stretch of wall to prioritise its build. If there is a way to do this, be great if someone can tell me!

I’m loving the game so far, it isn’t easy but it just takes a bit of working out as the tutorial piece is very light. I feel confident I could start again if I needed to, but I’m trying to get as far as I can with a lot of people and land management.

If anyone has any ideas on the crop thing, that’s the most annoying thing for me, that would be great!

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