Feedback on rotgheist

Results in (3+1) crucble:

  1. 8:30 - 9min clear
  2. Incredibly difficult to play (entire skill bar is filled)

Results in naked crucible:

  1. Nope. Nopenopenope.

It’s a terrible set. Here’s why:

  1. Rotgheist cannot seem to decide if it wants to be a DEE spammer, or a DEE nuke
    a. Not enough energy, casting speed, or damage for DEE spam
    b. Not enough damage for DEE nuke (even with pre rotghesit with 20% damage mod)
  2. terrible OA/DA stats
  3. Nukes from DEE + Vire’s might does not do sufficient damage
  4. Not possible to hardcap Vire’s might with items of relevant damage type


  1. Either make DEE spammable, or make it a hard hitting nuke
  2. Increase OA, DA stats (you need permanent ascension to make the build have healthy OA, forcing you to go into aeon’s)
  3. More support for vire’s might

EDIT: Forgot to mention that %WD is worthless for vit decay on DEE nuke, since %WD on vire’s might is higher.


Rothgeist have multiple possible builds, don’t know if any of them work. I tried vitality PS Conjurer with Wildblood Crusher. It have like 220k sheet DPS and insane life steal, but it was so so squishy. DEE isn’t strong option either. So yeah needs improvement!

My attempts to make Rotgheist work ended on theorycrafting vital PS conjurer. 160% AS, 0 stun res, about 2700 oa/da.
Terrible stuff.
For melee it’s extremely squishy and for some reasons, melee vitality doesn’t work well.

Suggestions - increase phys res for at least 15%, increase oa/da, DO STH WITH MELEE VITALITY.

OA/DA is PITA, mine have 2.9k OA and 2.8k DA but with good rolls. I tried in Crucible 2 times, both died at 154 Kuba. Health is like a bungee jump, up and down.

Valinov made it work on a DEE build of sorts.

Here is a thread discussing Rotgheist Rotgheist thread which includes a link to that build.

But indeed the set does feel rather limited for options.

Then they removed the damage modifier on DEE, and it works because of acid retal, something the set wasn’t designed for.

If you need to jury rig something that outlandish to make a set work, the concept of the set is a failure imo.

The concept is certainly not bad but very badly realised.

I would not call it outlandish. If you look at his build, you’ll see that it is just the standard acid devos and minimal focus on retaliaton. It does have OK, which would help any build, though.

However, it is the only viable Rotghiest that I have seen for the current iteration.

Edit: Although, your concept is a good try for a vitality version; and it is good to have more possibilities.

I know Rotgheist is kinda meh, but that GT is interesting. Certainly not the way I’d build it. There are definitely more than one way to try it out as a sentinel.

Edit: Also, is it Rotgheist or DEE itself that is the problem?

This is smth wonky i theorycrafted myself not long ago, just kind of a challenge with supposedly shitty weapon and shitty set. Haven’t got around to try it yet.


Dreeg set is bad also. And Rothgeist isn’t better in other skill based builds. Only viable DEE is probably with Bramblevine :thinking:


Thunderous strike scales with attack speed. Both weapon and gloves in your GT have none. WIldblood is the obvious choice for a weapon.

Can confirm, was able to kill ravager and callagadra with bramblevine on patch 1.1.1 and the build hasn’t changed since then.

Agree. Imo now that we have two DEE sets it should be easier to make one viable for spam DEE and one for nuke DEE. Dreeg set should be the spam one and Rotgheist the nuke one imo. They kinda have these identities already, but they certainly need to be further pushed into that direction, right now they are both just ehh.

To bring up another item related to DEE, Quillthrower of Dreeg. This item needs a buff aswell, either make it the ranged version of Amarastan Crusher (ranged spam ABB) or at least give it less CD for ABB/DEE or a %dmg modifier (increase) for ABB/DEE.

That would mean not shitty weapon, i have to decline :rofl:
Gloves reduce enemy dmg. Not sure if it’s that needed but it’s a significant amount and other stats are good. Attack speed is low, yeah, that’s the inherent weakness of the weapon, what you gonna do… i’ve build up as much of it as i could.

Mythical Death’s Reach is pretty much only “ok” for vitality EoR.

But vitality EoR is not "OK’’. It’s one of the bad possibilities despite the RR in Oathkeeper mastery. No support form elsewhere and on top of that the speed. Death’s reach is 2h-slow weapons and no attack speed on it. With devotion map focused on speed, what’s the max 160-165 or so? 2h EoR on top of that is inferior to DW.

It certainly is the worst EoR type except for bleed maybe, but vit EoR is still currently the best use for Mythical Death’s Reach.

With “ok” I meant, it’s terrible compared to good builds, but it’s the best that you can make with that weapon :sweat_smile:

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Managed 150-170 in 9.40 with this (potato laptop and pilot):
Weirdest thing is some mob waves can give more trouble than 163, 169-170. RRs aren’t auras and a lot of mobs have too much vit res to kill them fast without RRs.

But bosses/nems melt pretty fast, including Kuba.

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Follow up question, why tf do i have physical and lightning in my tooltip for Primal Strike if the set converts 100% physical and lightning to vitality?

EDIT: It seems that Torrent is not converted (conversion only comes from set pieces) which is partly why mobs died longer than they should’ve. Is that intenved? It hinders AoE of Primal Strike a lot.

Looks pretty bad as well because the whole color of the skill changes to vitality but the Torrent stays lightning.

Because torrent a occurs as a damage instance independent to, and separate from PS. Meaning that it is…

  1. Affected only by global conversions like the ones found on rotgheist’s chest/shoulders
  2. Unaffected by damage loss on PS transmutor