Feedback on the endgame

First of all, yes GD has endgame. The only endgame that matters. GrimFashion.
(Please dont see this post as a complaint. I love the game and its illusion system and item art. I have over 700h play time and regularly recommends GD to my friends.)

I love customizing the looks of my characters and everytime I play I thank Crate for removing the lvl requirement on using illusions. When I unlock new illusions I’ll occasionally even make toons I’ve never tried just to complete specific illusion looks that suits their class.

I feel very strongly about this and I’m also very picky. That’s why I always wondered this: How come almost every chest piece has cloth skirts?

Like this

I know some chest piece doesnt. But the vast majority of chest armors have them. It’s not that I dont like them, I do. But more customization variety where cloths are present would be nice. And they also often obscure pants and even boots in some cases. Just making them not as wide, a bit shorter and in different sizes and making new armors without skirts would suffice for me really.

My dream scenario: That armors didnt have skirts and the character sheet had a cloth gear slot instead, with stats or just for cosmetic purpose I dont care. Be it cloth skirts, capes in different sizes, scarfs. And while we’re at it why not make them dyeble like tunics were in Titan Quest.

Surely Crate has already thought about this and maybe the engine is to blame, I dont know. Meanwhile, is it possible to make more armors without skirts?
Thanks for making this game Crate. I have followed your journey since I first heard that you bought the rights to use the engine. Looking forward to Forgotten Gods and keep up the good work!

Personally i wish more armor extended towards the knees like that. Male builds especially look pretty ridiculous in short chest armors like Inferna knight and other such types of armor. This is why in Vanilla GD Markovian and Justicar were my personal favorite armors.

Now with illusionist it’s different

For me skyrim had this problem too for example where if the armor didn’t extend low enough men looked like they were wearing tights. Like Stalhrim or Orcish.

I agree that GD needs capes

I guess it has to do with the Victorian style of GD

Oi, hands off my cloth skirts, the more dangly bits of fabric the better, imo. :stuck_out_tongue:

That mismatching shade of gold on the kneecaps really bothers me though. crate why

Thats kinda what I’m saying, but not more of the same. More DIFFERENT kinds of fabrics. And even more without fabrics. More variety for the people! :wink: