[Feedback] Ranged Mage Hunter builds need support

But ironically that gun was the most used PRM weapon before Panetti wand got a well deserved buff.

here I tried to play with itemization a bit: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/L2JOd4kV
more pierce to elemental means better use of Arcane Empowerment and Ranged Expertise, plus Chilling Rounds & Storm Spread.
But you know, it just dawned upon me that Ludriggan is a Mage Hunter set too.

Ranged mage hunter needs more raw stats. The reason Tactician is best for runebinder is because there’s a lot of free physique, free slow res, free stun res, armor, OA, DA, Attack speed. Deceiver is next with RR, OA, attack speed, phys res. Now arcanist also has damage absorb, stun and slow res, damage but no attack speed. No HP, no DA so you’re often very squishy. Still currrent ranged MH is betger than previous iterations.

Yes, this variant looks better. Did you test the build?

Yeah, but this set is designed for lightning builds - I wish we had support for 3-elemental MH builds. BTW, are there any MH builds using this set?

No, I didn’t.

If there are they haven’t been posted. Before this patch Ludriggan was known as a set best used on Vindicator, but since Arcanist was buffed in and Ludriggan was buffed in it may be different now.