[Feedback] Some test results and thoughts about public test changes [WiP]

Pretty much the title. As there’s no particular topic for posting feedback (unless I missed sth) i decided to write this topic with my testing results and impressions of the public test.
First of all, thanks for buffing Stormreaver-Veilkeeper-Kraken. Veilkeeper Druid is now a decent and nice build, and I really appreciate it. Good job.
Also giving Cataclysm set +2 to all skills is a pretty ok decision. This would help a bit.

Another thing I’d like to mention is chaos Cadence. My build is https://www.grimtools.com/calc/b28OyOyN, tested Servitor’s Cleaver instead of Fang of Cthton. Well, my best run was 5:19. Not impressive, not super-bad. A bit faster run is possible but w/e.
The only thing that bothers me is no +targets for Cadence. Adding such bonuses for different items was a great beginning so maybe chaos version could get some love too.

and now we come to the actual things that are just inevitably bad.

first of them is Malakor Tactician.


the buff to Malakor’s flat is about nothing… The build also has some super-serious problems, like:

  • lack of stats and phys resist;
  • lack of phys-> ele conversion.

I made 2 runs, both I died at 2:45 and 2:55 at wave 160. The total time, if I survived, would be sth close to 6 mins.Which is … bad.
What can be done?
First of all, buff the weapons.

Replace Soulfire bonuses with Deadly Momentum, replace +1 to Demo with +1 to Soldier. Add a +4% phys resist mod to Field Command. Increase the conversion to 50% or change the weapon base to elemental.
Also some supporting gear like Dawnshard gloves could get buffs too. Maybe replacing PB mod with sth close to elemental melee.

and the second thing that bother me is … this. Goredrinker Tactician that is not just bad. It’s just awful.
Here goes the GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWeobJN
I made like 5 or 6 runs, all of them were about 5:45 and in one I died at 5:54.

maybe I’m doing sth wrong but … I dunno. I suppose myself to be not the worst pilot ever but when a build on a dedicated class with a dedicated set with almost all possible damage performs THAT bad … I really dunno. The set has some identity in stacking HP, why not. But damage is that bad, and it is not compensated by super-tankiness, no way. In SR75 I just died among trash mobs, so was it.
Bleed reduction is OK but there’s not so much bleed to reduce it! Unfortunately, Goredrinker is a very weak set now.

But problem may be more global than this. Problem is with Tactician itself being one of the weakest and underperforming classes in the game. The only possible identity of it is 3-ele melee/caster but then again, both FW and Cadence here suck. Low defences and stats, inability to cap main skill, underwhelming mods. When Tactician wants to play on Blademasters’/Warlords’ field, it comes to Goredrinker and Cocktavius failing miserably.

Please also share your thoughts of aforementioned things or sth you personally feel about the patch.

After all, I still wanna point out that M. Stormreaver base damage sucks ass. Right in these words. It’s very low compared to other 2handers and it’s even lower than the one of non-mythical version.
So, please consider buffing it a bit.


I played around with your GT the other day when you posted it and was able to bump up the Bleeding Damage a bit as well as give you a 15% Reduced Damage/Bleeding proc with Fleshcarver from the Lacerator Girdle. Not sure it will help, but it seems Goredrinker needs things like Mogdrogen/Fox/Falcon/Huntress Devotions to get some Bleeding Damage. Here’s what I came up with: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2Br5Mw2

Alternatively, you can also lose Inquisitor Seal and dump the points into Counterstrike. Here’s that version: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRdB3O2

Not sure which is better, but with absolute garbage Casting Speed, it’s probably better to ditch the Seal, right? :thinking:

I agree with your suggestions though, that the set needs more flat Bleeding and maybe some actual Cadence points too!

well, with the recent changes to the Public Test, I went for playing the aforementioned (and some other) builds once again to see if they became better or not.
About physical builds I wrote in another thread already.

So, let’s begin with Goredrinker Tactician.

before: very weak and underwhelming build.
after: still the same.

the new GT I use now: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrBKW0Z. Got rid of Assassin and lost nothing. In terms of DPS - had runs like 5:35, 5:46, 5:48, once died at 4:50. Tried both with WC and w/o, doesn’t matter much. The problem here is that cadence itself somehow hits like a wet noodle despite mods. AoE is w/e but bleeding/pierce damage on WoP could get increased surely.
For Cadence/melee part of the et - dunno. It also feels squishy despite 2800 armor, 18k HP and 26% phys res.
Still suggest, though, adding +to Cadence to Reavers/to the set and increasing armor piercing on weapons to 50%.

Malakor Tactician

before: twin of the Loldrinker
after: remained so.

the GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYra8e2
look how I use 2 double-rare MIs with literally a ton of OA (and a MI belt with a ton of OA too) and I still need to invest 65 (!) points in cunning to not even reach 2700 OA on a 3-elemental build. That’s some kind of a problem, right?..
stats, both OA and DA, are super-terrible, w/o any chance to fix them via itemization/devos.
damage is w/e, normal hits feel a bit better but then again, no extra targets, 3-elemental melee build with 1 RR …
Grava/any other resistant Nemesis comes and the run lasts in centuries, as because of fumbles u often miss the 3rd cadence hit.
I made 1 run of 5:22 (with marked and armored) and just quit. For a build clad in double-rares and with good muts it’s bad.

What could be done? Probably sth I wrote before. Otherwise, it seems mostly irreparable.

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and another feedback i decided to write separately as it’s not 1005 about the patch itself.
it’s about vitality FS and its current state.

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eZPPpEgZ

The build has solid flat and %damage and it’s pretty ok. but in terms of Crucible and SR it’s somehow way worse than it used to be with worse gear!

I mean. Vit FS, when the pistols got buffed, was the best defiler build and one of the best ranged builds in the whole game (4:37 Crucible and SR100).
Now it’s about 5:15 - 5:30 and struggles hard to pass even SR85, and that’s a real shame. This partly was because of vitality and BK nerfs but nothing was given in exchange.

The problems are that there’s no real supporting gear to it. And Defiler itself is a real lackluster in terms of cc-resists and defences.
I suggest maybe adding some slow/trap res for BK set, or even adding a FS support to it. Or adding it to some MI/legendary item.

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well, Goredrinker Tactician is still crap.
I tried 3 different Devo paths:

  • with Mog’s Wolf and Unknown Soldier, with both Huntress and Assassin’s Blade but no scales. Higher bleeding damage but sustain is meh. Died 3 times out of 3 at wave 160.
  • with Mog’s Wolf and US but with Scales instead of Huntress. A bit better sustain, pulled out a run of 5:38. Tho, nothing to write home about.
  • base setup with US, Huntress and Scales.
    Also tried with and w/o War Cry, saw literally 0 difference. With low cs casting WC is a pita, and it didn’t help much. Died at 169 at 5:26.


What I can say? I dunno. The damage feels bad same as sustain. And it looks more and more to me like an irreparable case.

well, after some tests I wanna points this out:


the DW spec with Reavers sucks terribly in comparison with nadaan spec. (the vids can be found on mad_lee’s channel)
the problem with Reavers are:

  • no bleeding damage
  • no +to Cadence.

so, it may be improved in the following way:

  • replace phys/IT damage with bleeding with extra duration or add it;

  • add +2 to Cadence to the Reavers.

  • also it would be great to change the conversion on the set to ele->pierce.

even with these moves it would be weaker than 2hander spec but at least doable.


it has +1 soldier tho… :no_mouth:

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still there’s no way to get 26/16 cadence, but w/e.

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reminds me, why does the entire set not have any +cadence anywhere? yet have double source of fighting form, which already seem easier to cap than cadence itself?
what about if one of the Goredrinker fighting form bonuses got swapped to cadence? :thinking:

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cuz this is the way of the game design.

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Probably cause the set is bleed first then pierce. It VM tree only support Tectonic Shift while WoP tree only support Death Sentence. :thinking:

On the WoP part, I hope there is elemental converted to pierce mod for WoP either in Helm or 4p bonus.

new feedbacks about Cataclysm Deceiver that I tested recently for 2 days in both Cruci and SR.


the good things are:

  • AoE-damage, as procs and WoP clear trash mobs and heroes
  • % damage values, up to 2,8-3k%
  • resists are ± covered, except quite low pierce overcap (though it can be tweaked)

but I generally want to speak about bad things which are:

  • solo-damage. actually, the only way of dealing solo-damage (and sustain somehow) is Stormfire with rather low ADctH. Bat and Giant help a bit but then comes the second problem:
  • build struggles with humans, IM and Fabius can be very tough. Once I died in Crucible because of IM’s blitz. Not very good, I suppose … Valdaran is also a fucker. His retaliation aura works on every projectile so he can literally destroy the build in SR and Crucible too.

what ca be done?
maybe, buff HP values on Cata set, increase area of set’s proc.
also it may be a thing to add -% racial damage fro, humans/aetherials/undead to the set, or maybe some sort of defensive proc on the offhand.

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