[Feedback] There are no legendary Pierce gloves

As we know %Pierce damage bonuses are pretty scarce throughout Grim Dawn items because Zantai for some reason refuses to fix lower %Pierce values that items still have from old Titan Quest engine. So basically there are three Legendary gloves that give %Pierce damage: Chilling Grip of Hagaraad, Gauntlets of Ignaffar and Viperfang Grips. First two can’t be used by Pierce builds because of conversion and Viperfang don’t have any attack speed or any relevant Pierce skill bonuses.
Pierce builds end up using Grasp of Unchained Might that are Physical/Bleeding gloves or inferior Epic options.
I think it’s quite unfair given how very few options piercers have, so here are my suggestions:

  • Give %Pierce damage to Grasp of Unchained Might
  • Give %Pierce damage to Crimson Claws and add some kind of relevant Pierce skill mod and/or bonus like +3 to Aura of Conviction/25% Elemental converted to Pierce.

This is true. Almost all pierce builds either take Quickdraw, which are actually good, but no quite fit these builds or Unchained, which is detrimental to the build type.

My vote goes for Unchained.

Agree. It’s pretty ridiculous that the best pierce gloves I’ve found were these ones. So adding +% pierce to Grasp of Unchained might would be nice.

+1) In my pierce builds I usually use only Grasp of Unchained Might or Quickdraw Gloves.

Good call!

Pierce is discriminated in that regard. Grasps of Unchained might looks like good candidate for %pierce damage.

As some well-known character’s says

just use epic, lol

+1 to grasp, unchained might of pierce

While I don’t see anything bad about it, that particular epic is paper thin even for ranged builds it is intended for.

Does pierce really needs extra 50-70% damage from gloves though?

Pierce has the lowest bonuses in the entire game, some extra % wont hurt.

No doubt easy remedy would be Grasp of Unchained Might.
And the item description is going to be like a shopping list too.
Right now we really need a customized legendary pierce gloves that is focusing on skill mod, skill bonus and conversion. So any piercing build could have a pair of HANDY gear that fits modern standard.

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Huge “+” for pierce gloves but “-” for adding it to unchained. This will make them an absolute BiS for a lot of pierce builds and funnel both tactician and blademaster into using blade arc for optimized play.

I like the idea of Crimson Claws a lot more. On top of that i’d suggest to add a chance on attack skill for 2-handers on it or even a small 2-hander passive bonus. It fits the gloves shaman theme and fills the hole of misrepresented 2-hander bonuses on gear.