[Feedback] Ulzuin's Infernal Avatar- a caster set with no caster stats (except cdr)

Ulzuin’s set is know to be one of the better offensive sets in the game (although after some nerfs 3-4 pieces setups are preferred to the full set and perform better than the full set).

But what’s set is really lacking, being a purely caster set, is casting speed and energy regeneration. Casting speed is needed for the rotation of cooldown spells too and casting with Ulzuin’s set is less than pleasant experience because of the lack of it. Energy regeneration while wearing this set is ridiculous. I am testing a 4 piece Ulzuin’s Sorc with 1800 points in Spirit and it only has 56 flat regen. I am not sure what other none-arcanist combos can even do here.


  • Add at least 10% casting speed to the set. Amulet would be a perfect slot for it since it used to have CDR, but that was nerfed and nothing was given in exchange. ~5% on shoulders would be also very welcome
  • Add ~4 flat regeneration to the chest and ~2,5 to helmet, 3-4 to the gun

Those are mostly quality of life buffs that shouldn’t affect the killing power of the set too much.


I am not sure about casting speed, since it doesn’t boost spammable spell but energy regeneration is really bad. I tried Ulzuin Purifier and costing a off hand slot to use full set, you are even more shorthanded in your opportunity to get energy regen. So that’s sound idea.

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You need casting speed for any spell, spammable or not. Casting a rotation of spells with a cooldown without casting speed feels awful and is really slow.


Even i just say that ulzuin’s specs have extremely issues with pierce and bleed res(pierce more), so maybe change elemental resistance on some pieces to pierce(because elemental res not so problem here)


This has been the case for Demo for quite some time. I usually go after gear with an Impervious prefix despite knowing it’s not a great roll.

Ulzuin doesn’t need any buffs, it’s one of the strongest sets in the game imo. Why would a CDR based caster set need casting speed on top of CDR? I mean, I can see that argument being valid, if the set struggels, but it doesn’t afaik. There are many other sets that are more in need of buffs than ulzuin’s.

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Well it does struggle, dude. Non-arcanist builds are forced into Harp pretty much. I am about to release an Ulzuin Sorc that has 1800 Spirit and has only 56 energy regeneration in-game. And 140 casting speed (150 if you can afford restless remains, but I can’t because there is no pierce res on the set and supporting items).

You absolutely need casting speed for a rotation caster. And flat energy regeneration should be a given on a caster’s set, especially one that takes up 5 slots, including weapon/off-hand slot.

While being forced into Harp does partly prove your point, I don’t see any problem with that. Harp is a fine devotion and I never had any energy or casting speed issues on neither my Sorc [] [HC] CRATE KILLER - Ulzuin Sorc [vids] nor my Shieldbreaker [] [HC] Bomberman returns - fire Grenado Shieldbreaker [vids] . Then again I don’t play much crucible, but shouldn’t energy regen be less of an issue in crucible anyway?
As I said, I think there are other sets that need improvement, not Ulzuin’s.

Well as you said, both of your builds are forced into Harp (fine Devotion, sure, but I don’t like it when sets force a player into certain devotions simply because they lack quality of life stats) and both your builds have mediocre casting speed which limits their performance quite a bit.

I am not building just for Crucible, all my builds are balanced for all kinds of endgame. So I am not sure Ulzuin’s buff in Crucible can be an excuse for the lack of energy regeneration on the Ulzuin’s set.

I agree, but it’s not like we can only have one thing improved at a time, dude. I don’t see how improving other sets can stop Crate from adding QoL to this set.

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Fair enough.

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I dont understand the whole cast speed thing. My ulzuins build is on a pyromancer, i have a thermites+curse on the scrollwheel, BWC,CanBomb, and Grenado next to each other. I just run around piano’ing those three keys and scrolling my mouse wheel up and down. Everything comes out pretty much exactly when i press it. Maybe its my maxed out vindicative flame? Iono, i dont see the issue.

But yeah outside of the weakness to pierce my only issue with the set is that bards harp or tree feels like an absolute requirement. I tried slotting all energy regen components and augments and was still running dry. Its not the worst, but its definitely inconvenient, seeing as youre primarily gunning for red/green devotions on a fire spec (I guess going for light of empyrion/tree is an option but…eww)

My votes for energy regen.

It seems that way because a single cast animation takes a fraction of a second. But it all sums up, and it makes a difference if you want to optimize performance. For example, when you got your thermites+curse, BWC,CanBomb, and Grenado to cast one after another, it will take a certain amount of time. With more cast speed you would cast that last thing - Grenado - sooner and move on to doing other important things quicker.

The energy regen problem isn’t just a problem with the Ulzuin set, but with green gear as well. When bonuses to Canister Bomb or Improved Casing appear on green helms or chests, they ONLY appear on NON-CASTER helms and chests.

This might have been OK energy-wise back when CB had a 7.5 second cooldown, but now that it has a 4.5 second cooldown, it’s not that OK energy-wise.

I’m not really sure what’s the best way to solve this. Either add small amounts of energy regen to the relevant non-caster gear (including Ulzuin of course), lower the energy cost of CB, or increase the energy cost reduction of UC.


It’s also a problem with Mask of Infernal Truth. Skytear Hat is the only exception to all of this.

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