[Feedback] Ulzuin's Infernal Avatar (Mythical Ulzuin Set)

Yeah, this set again. It’s really neglected by many builds despite having a good proc. In fact almost every Fire based Fire Strike build prefers Justicar Set over this.
Quite problematic i’d say. It’s even worse with AoM since the Mythical version barely got upgraded

1. Comparison of Mythical and Non-Mythical version-

[spoiler]Below are the screens for both Mythical and Non-Mythical version

1. Non-Mythical Version

2. Mythical Version

It barely received any upgrade. The weaker points of the set have always been the defenses and that part was left untouched (For AoM, that particular Physical resist bonus should be at least 10% and anything below that might as well not exist)

2. Comparison of Non-Mythical Justicar Set and Mythical Ulzuin Set-

[spoiler]Now to add insult to injury let me compare this set to Justicar’s Armor which is the Non-Mythical version btw. So right now I am comparing a LEVEL 68 set with a LEVEL 94 set

1. Non-Mythical Justicar Set-

2. Mythical Ulzuin Set-

Looking merely at the set completion bonuses you can pretty much tell how bad Ulzuin Set is.
Had I compared individual set pieces you will notice not only does Justicar add more Flat Fire Damage but it also adds
-6% Physical Resist (notice this value is added from a single piece while you need 2 pc Ulzuin to get this)
-A lot of HP

Ulzuin set adds % Crit damage, % Attack Speed and 10% RR. These are not bad and imo are the only redeemable qualities of this set

It’d be a landslide victory had I picked Mythical version of Justicar set[/spoiler]

Possible Solutions-

The solution I propose has two parts-[spoiler]

1. Buffing 4 pc Ulzuin

-Add HP and DA to the individual armor pieces, not an unreasonable request as Ultos Set has Physical Resist and quite a bit of HP

-For 3 pc set bonus, increase Physical resist bonus to 10%. With AoM, this is again a reasonable request

2. Buffing 5 pc Ulzuin

This part is very important as for Rifle Fire Strike builds prefer Hellborne + Justicar more than this

-To full set bonus add 100% Lightning to Fire skill mod, don’t add this anywhere else or else you’ll screw up a lot of builds

-To full set bonus add 100% Chaos to Fire skill mod, placement of this skill mod should be with set completion as well

-Increase %Weapon Damage on Rifle to 25% and reduce or remove the reduced energy cost (useless in most cases)

-Increase Crit damage to 12% (currently 10%)[/spoiler]


Ulzuin Set (full set and 4 pc) needs a buff.
Just to make myself clear, I don’t mean that this set is weak. I am just saying it’s in a bad spot and is the most disregarded one among Medium Armor sets

I’d love to see receive a Dark One style proc i.e huge damage absorption when hit that actives most of the time, seems to fit a pure ranged play style as the set has glass canon written all over it. Making it tankier will just create a Justicar wannabe.

When compared to the other sets I’d say the set is only “glass” :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice idea, I am fine with wannabes at this point btw as I want buffs for 4 pc Ulzuin as well and not just for the full set :smiley:
I would hate to loose the current proc though

Yeah buffing its damage and giving it a somewhat unique defense mechanism would be great, as the strongest ranged builds nowaday are basically melee with a different attack animation.

Just give us fumble/aim immunity as set bonus.

It’s a bit OP, 50% is more realistic)
Also I’d love to see removing garbage skill bonuses, like +2 to Temper, +2 to Static Strike, +2 to Ulzuin’s Wrath. It’s totally useless.


Temper isn’t exactly garbage but I see what you mean
Agreed on Ulzuin’s Wrath being garbage

Wait you want immunity through fumble or are you asking for immunity from fumble? I assume it’s the latter

Wait you want immunity through fumble or are you asking for immunity from fumble? I assume it’s the latterp

I want to hit things that i`m shooting at. =)

Totally forgot about this rifle. It’s OP thengives tons of flat damage to Fire Strike )

Maybe give it some penetrative quality to let us hit more often than we get :furious: deflected? Seems every other shot in AoM is a deflect whether using dual wield pistols or rifles.

If you look at the monster database you’ll see an insane amount of enemies with chance to dodge projectiles. It’s like Crate hates ranged or something.

The plot thickens

Dodge and deflect chance being this high never made sense to me. Most of the time ranged playstyle feel no different than melee playstyle tbh. It’s just that you look cool wielding actual weapons instead of friggin sex toys

The chances have been reduced in following my advice to put them to more “manageable” levels (i.e. 10%). Fabius is still Fabius, ofc, and I see nothing wrong with his dodge chance given the fact that he is basically a Nightblade.

There are three main winners of reduced dodge chance:

  1. Ranged cadence;
  2. Ranged shotgun builds;
  3. Caster P-Blades.
  • The big outlier here is caster P-blades because they are now stronger than any other type of cast speed caster and IMO, they shouldn’t be…