[Feedback] Uroboruuk's Set

After seeing JoV’s Vitality DE and my own experiences with Gravechill and lastly thanks to Zhuugues testing my Aether DE concept I can safely say Uroboruuk set is the worst possible choice for Drain Essence builds

Below are the Drain Essence builds that are relevant to this set. I didn’t bother including Gravechill, Fire DE and Lightning DE as I don’t think its fair to belittle this set for not supporting exotic DE builds. Gravechill isn’t an exotic build, the transmuter lacks support (I won’t use deathbound amethyst unless they give me the ADCtH i get from Ravager’s Amulet) and Uro set can’t be blamed for that as its clearly meant for Aether/Vitality DE.

1. Vitality Drain Essence-

How does Uro Set perform here?

[spoiler]As the set is primarily designed for Aether/Vitality or Pure Aether (with Hex Launcher) DE builds it is not meant for Vitality DE

What works?

Your main damage is Vitality, so you need as much Aether to Vitality conversion you can find. This is where Dreadwalker set shines. The granted proc works best in crucible but JoV did say it works well in base game as well. So it’s safe to say Uroboruuk set can’t beat this even in base game let alone in crucible.


I don’t think there is one unless they decide to revamp entire set to support Vitality DE which I don’t recommend as Dreadwalker serves this purpose and works splendidly (courtesy of JoV)

  1. Aether Drain Essence-

How does Uro Set perform here?

Similar to the previous one, this one requires conversion for optimal performance.
Now this is supposedly where Uroboruuk is meant to shine. Using the set in conjunction with Hex Launcher is what we’re meant to do. But the conversion on Hex Launcher is only 40% which is way too low for it to be optimal

What works?

We need higher conversion and we achieve that through Fleshwarped MI/Diviner’s Off Hand and Deathbringer Raiment. This gives us 90-95% conversion.


So does that mean increasing conversion on Hex Launcher would solve this problem? No actually it won’t, as in the Mix-Gear setup we can use Warpfire for more Aether RR this can beat Hex Launcher + Uro set easily
Another problem is using a gun makes you waste points in cunning. Those attribute points get saved as well by not going Uro + Hex Launcher
Furthermore, one can invest into Ravenous Earth due to 90% Vitality to Aether Conversion to help with AoE clear.

Proposed Changes-

-You need higher ADCtH (around 6-7%) value on Uro’s Off hand
-100% conversion skill mod on the set so that we don’t need that useless gun
-Increase crit value in headpiece for DE skill mod to 15-20%%
-Change Vitality Bonus skill mod on set completion to Reduced Energy cost skill mod

Just to let you guys know-

I lack the set pieces for full testing. My opinions were formulated by observing JoV’s Dreadwalker Build (No Buff Crucible, just sayin’) and they were cemented by Zhuugus testing out my Aether DE concept (thanks mate)
I do have experience with the skill thanks to experimenting with Gravechill so I am not in experienced to the skill’s mechanics

Naturally if anyone finds flaws in my analysis feel free to point them out. I don’t think my inexperience with the set should reduce the credibility of my analysis too much as I do believe I have a somewhat decent understanding of what works and doesn’t work in this game.

Thank you for reading

Why the assumption that it must be pure aether or pure vitality? It isnt that hard to support two damage types at once and especially with the high aether and vitality resists of certian key enemies it would seem beneficial to maintain the split.

Set needs some conversion possibilities or stronger mods. Some epics are just too strong when compared to lvl 94 legendaries

I agree, Uroboruuk set tries to sit on 2 chairs at once (Vitality and Aether DE), and as the result, it’s good at nothing. Also, set bonus is quite underwhelming.

The biggest problem atm is it forces me to use a gun and a mediocre one at that. So whatever skill mods for conversion are they need to be on that set. That gun should be revamped to suit Aether Pistol builds

As MortalKombat said this set doesn’t do either of them very well and that is why it’s so underwhelming

I’m going to point out one thing from this set (still farming for the last 2 pcs…).

The 5 pcs bonus should be tweak/change to something more offensive, the damage absorption is not worth being 5 pcs bonus, compare to many other items in the game that have similar damage absorption with just a single piece, Mythical Fiendflesh Greaves, Mythical Wyrmscale Footguards, Mythical Runeguard Greaves, Mythical Voidwalker Footpads, Mythical Skull of Gul’Amash, The Grey Knight. They should change Bone Barrier to Bone Spear/Spike or something that deal more damage or summon pets that scale with player bonuses.

I agree about set bonus being weak but giving us a player scaled pet? I don’t agree with that, in my experience those things have been a nightmare besides Nemesis (pet) of course
For an offensive set bonus skill with a fumble cloud with Aether Damage Over Time (kind of like a pseudo DoT) would work

If they don’t want to modify the set bonus too much then they should keep the skill as it is and add %chance to avoid melee attacks/projectiles. I’d suggest %damage absorption but it’s been done a million times before this. And % HP restored bonus would be redundant considering we already have a fuck ton of ADCtH


If you’re not happy with the set, I’m looking for it, so we can trade :stuck_out_tongue:
I believe this set is not meant for Drain Essence, I’d like to try it for a Reaper’s build, this might actually work a lot better.

I strongly agree

I am running a full-uro set DE spellbinder
and it doesn’t do that great to be honest :cry:

Crate has made many vit/aether/decay devotion to utilize all those damage type
and I have made a DE build that utilizes all (with full uro set)
and it seems it just isn’t as crucible-viable or madqueen-viable as pure vit or aether DE. :cry:

That’s what we’re talking about there. An epic set (Dreadwalker) outperforms a legendary set!
A build, that can deal with Crucible and Mad Queen, will also crush everything in campaign and AoM. Reverse isnt true.