[Feedback] Yellow craftable item feedback

Out of all Yellow craftable item. I feel some are lacking or looks bland compared to other choices and may need a bump. I would like to share how I think about each of them.

There’s not much for yellow Weapon, I’ll start from Bloodspill Cleaver, the unholy child of Servitor Slicer. I just don’t get why it supports pierce damage on a weapon with no armor piercing.

Next is Stormsurge Pistol. I like the pistol art, it also works as the cheaper version of Mythical Spark of Ultos if it gets lightning damage affix and Vindicator can DW it, it can also be combined with Aether Tempest set if you got the aether or lightning damage + casting speed affix for Druid. The only worst part I can think of from this pistol is only the 1.66 attack speed, which is one of the highest for the pistol but wasted on weapons that supports cd skill.

Deathborne Scepter and Rime-Rotten Wand. Any other Bone Harvest or ABB weapon is better than both of them. The second type of skill it support also not doing much.

Smoldering Tome. A weaker version of Zarthuzellan’s Codex. Suggestion to make it unique is by changing its bonus damage to chaos and swapping the +2 BWC to +2 to Demon Fire as surprisingly there’s not much of an option for Demon Fire skill on chaos BWC item to reach 22/12.

Spellshock Tome. Have a very tough competitor, the Pulsing Shard for lightning AAR. Perhaps change the focus to aether SBoE?

Stonewall Defender. I remember there is a build that utilizes its Ill Omen mod, 15 Physical RR is also quite big. Despite being capable to be a good tanky shield with prefixes like Overlord, I think the increased armor bonus is quite low, perhaps bump it to 4-6%.

Gutcrush Warmaul. The Blade Arc part is overshadowed by Gutsmasher, I suggest change the focus to Physical/Bleed PS. The skill should also be increased to +4.

Finally Flamewarder Rifle. Cool rifle, but honestly I don’t even know what to build from it. There is four 2h fire Rifle that supports fire Grenado.

Now from the Armor section, let’s start with the Glove there is Emberguard and Plagueguard. Both are a nice option for build lacking blue or purple gloves, and the stat it gives is also good with those speeds and physical resistance.

Pants have Rimeguard and Stormguard, both are okayish with their move-speed and physical resistance. The reason it’s not used more often I think due to the other green pants offer bigger resistance, then the Guardian pants each give CC resistance and other good stats, while Nemesis and Anasteria pants give big skill points. I also don’t get why gloves and pants have specific dot reduction which I think limit the usability of these 4 items.

Boots have Intrepid and Stoneplate. Unlike for gloves and pants option, only boots have physical resistance on one of its options. Stoneplate is obviously the superior option here, being a heavy type that also provides physical resistance and acceptable physique requirement even for caster build. Intrepid got vitality and poison resist as well DA, but the lack of physical resist makes this option far inferior.

Belt have 3 option with Stoneplate, Trollheart, and Puppetmaster. This 3 option are actually good, but the other green craftable belt give +1 skill and the MI one give skill as well build enable conversion. I think this is one of the hardest to buff/change, giving them skill is also not a good idea as it will make the green faction belt a worse option with their only 1 prefix or suffix bonus.

Medal have Nimble and Watcher. Both are hard to compete with the big skill point bonus from the MI medal, although the Total Speed and Armor increase are nice. I think one should get a 500 health bonus, and the other should get 50-75% of all damage (both values are about the same number as the MI medal health and damage bonus).

*Speaking on Medal/Amulet prefix, I hope the prefix for all single or double class bonuses like “Shieldbreaker, Warlord, Blademaster, Arsonist, Interrogator, etc.” the damage part is changed to all damage since the value is already low anyway. This would help a bit for some strange damage class combinations like vitality Defiler, etc. :roll_eyes:

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feel like i should point out it’s easy to get a chaos BWC transmuter,
so i’d prefer the flat fire mod stays as is, since it makes it more useable in other conversions, as chaos can be tougher to convert away from

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Now that I think more about it in anyway chaos BWC gonna use Blood Sigil of Ch’Thon or Lagoth’Ak’s Voidbinding, so changing the fire damage to chaos just an extra work. Still that tome is too similar with Zarthuzellan Codex and I would like if it give Demon Fire.

demon fire i can totally agree with, maxing out BWC on bwc builds seem fairly easy, heck even the fire/chaos suffix gives +BWC :sweat_smile:
but getting demon fire up especially, or even agonizing, is definitely tougher

I just wanna say cleaver > slicer all day every day.
You do raise a lot of good points. But I think these are fine as is. They are yellow for a reason after all.
I’m never opposed to anything and everything in the game getting a buff but yellows are inferior (superior) in different situations and for different builds at different times.

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Believe it or not, there are no one-handed ranged options dedicated to Savagery. There are a few builds like say Cyclone Elementalist that could benefit from Stormsurge Pistol having a modifier for Savagery as Elementalist usually struggles with OA and DA.

Replace Lightning and Cold damage with Elemental damage
Add %Burn
+2 to Thermite Mine
+2 to Savagery
Total damage modified by ~10% to Savagery

I could see myself using that.

Why does it keep surprising people that not every skill/item combination exists? It’s totally fine if some options don’t.


given the array of itemization support we have now it did initially surprise me there was no pistol savagery going on
then it partially dawned on me, a bunch of stuff in GD was done with sorta “thematic” consideration, and shaman, and savagery is sorta primarily thematically 2h oriented

You don’t necessarily need a weapon specifically designed around Savagery to make a Savagery build either.

I’m not vouching for strength but old DW ranged Savagery builds would use a pair of Dagallon Annihilators and get their skill ranks from equipment.

Nobody is claiming you do. I would find it quite difficult to dual-wield Dagallon pistols in the build I was referring to for obvious reasons. Apart from that, it’s actually surprisingly difficult to gear for lightning Savagery outside of Ultos or questionably Stormserpent.

The real point here is that absolutely nobody is using Stormsurge Pistol as it currently exists. If we can turn an unusable item into something that could have a use somewhere, why not?

Ranged Elementalist it’s hard to pass Firestrike to take Savagery, besides ranged 1h already have low damage and need aoe. But that’s not to say the gun didn’t work with Savagery as Skyfallen + of Ferocity affix on that yellow gun will make it one of the highest 1h lightning gun with +4 savagery while also have attack speed. I think on Vindicator is where this gun can be put in use together with Dagallon piercethrough.

For me personally, I want the gun to stay as it is, as it is the only option for weapon with life to WD that also give casting speed through Stormcharged + Of Torrent affix.

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