Female armour

T-Rex by the look of it. Maybe it could be animated like the one Harry Dresden rode in one of the novels (the Dresden files for those who aren’t familiar)

With those horns? Um, those aetherials or chtonians have REALLY been mucking with the gene pool then. :slight_smile:

Well look at what they did in Malmouth :grinning:
TBH I did not realize the angle. I thought it was lying on its side, didn’t look close enough first time.

I did see that. I’ve played that game and while the wings are tempting, the outfit style isn’t. It could be worth messaging the authors, I hadn’t considered that. It’s worth a shot.

There’s a new book on the way!!! Been a long time coming.

That’s why it’s a Wish List. :sunglasses: I also wish it was easy to Mod them into the game. I should add that to the list.

  • Easy Peasy Mods

Yeah - book 16 took ages. There are two books coming out - Peace Talks in July I think and book 17 in September, so I’m guessing he wrote two in one go, which is why it took so long in the first place.

He was also working on his other series. Maybe he just got burned out on Dresden and lost inspiration.

That’s Heresy :grinning: He’s got 3 more books to go. He always said it would be done at 20 books and he’s always been a man of his word. Speaking of Dresden file characters, we need a Molly Carpenter in GD -


Well, without the necessary models/animations in the game it wouldn’t be. But all the modding tools are available to you, they’re essentially the same ones the devs use to make the game, and there are plenty of modding tutorials to help you get started. :slightly_smiling_face:

To be fair tho… making a mod is one thing. Making models and animations for that mod - quite another. It’s not something a person usually jumps into blindly with no foreknowledge or schooling. It can be done, sure, but you’re gunna have your work cut out for you.

As an example of some of the learning required here is Emrakul, maker of the Warhammer 40k mod, trying to figure out how to make it all come together - with Crate developer assistance:

True; the point is there are already tools to make modding easy peasy. But without the necessary models/animations already ingame those items on the wish list wouldn’t be possible to make. And I can’t see Crate adding those for modding purposes if they’re not going to have them in the game to start with, given the cost of making them.

I do know that someone has made mounts using the horse models in TQ in a TQ mod so it can be done. How easy it would be to pull that model into GD and make use of it I don’t know. Come to that you could probably also use the Dragon Liche model as well for what she wants to do.


Lol I completely agree - Grim Dawn’s vibe / aesthetic is dark & gritty, fan service would be so out of place, I feel like it would cheapen the experience. That said, I agree that masks could be reasonable for casters - we have hoods and the like which realistically probably wouldn’t protect you from a whole lot more than a chilly afternoon!

Because women don’t want their characters to look cute?

As a woman that plays a lot of RPG’s and gets into the fashion/glamour side of things I like my characters to look good. Walking tin cans don’t look good.


It’s easy to look good in the game without being half naked. Just have a look at the Fashion Dawn thread.

As a woman I personally don’t really care what my characters look like; they’re there to do battle, not sash shay down a cat walk. But I certainly prefer the way Crate have done the armour for the game to most of the examples posted in this thread.


I’d rather argue that this isn’t a gender specific issue, but rather an individual one to each person. Some / Alot of male gamers i know care for most Games more about Stats and stuff, than how their Characters look like and “only” appreciate it at best. I for one (and i mean that seriously) stopped playing certain Games, where this Part is pretty lacking, especially when the cool stuff is hidden behind a Paywall (cough black desert online cough) and you look for the rest of the game like a poor peasant. I like cool looking characters / eyecandys (female and male characters) in a wide variety. And i’d argue for both genders there are people which are more focused on the practical stuff, while others prefers the looks.

The only “real” difference which i felt so far is that Woman are way more easily offended over skimpy outfits & oversexualizing than Man. How many times i had woman and (few) female gamers mourn about characters like bayonetta, samus aran and stuff, meanwhile i never heard any man whine about Conan the Barbarian and other (oversexualized and perfect) male role-models.

A shameless plug for the Dresden Files series - JB has finally released Peace Talks (as of Tuesday).
Another book is coming out September 30th - Battle Ground. After this there is - at least in theory - 3 more to go if JB has the energy to complete by his original comment that he’d write 20 in the series :crossed_fingers:.

Hopefully Romi’s armour wishlist is fulfilled before then :grinning: :v:

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