few questions before purchasing the game

actually im gonna buy the game either way; just wanna know if played as co op is it better?
anyone interested to play together? totally new player here.


Co-op didn’t really trip my trigger but I’m a miserable hermit anyway so YMMV

Grim Dawn is single player game with a multiplayer functionality.
But mostly single player. No dedicated servers. Unless you play with friends and/or level together, multiplayer in GD is pretty meh.
(Also: GD is moddable, so you might encounter cheaters online.)

ah alright. thank you for the replies.

gonna solo it i guess

Multiplayer is actually fun if you play with people you know.

A quote from from 2012

… and enjoy the game - with or without friends :slight_smile:

This, 100%, especially crucible, I play with 2 friends very regularly and it’s a blast, plus you can power level each other’s new toons for builds you want to try with the mountains of loot you get.

MP in crucible makes it much easier and faster, thus more enjoyable.

MP in story mode, eh. It makes the game far too easy imo, at least on normal/veteran difficulty. Past that, no experience with it, I assume more or less the same though.