[FG] Looking for Primal Strike Warder build

I know there are probably many such builds in the compendium but I was wondering if they fit the new expansion and if they work in it.

I’m not looking for something too complicated, my character is around level 70 right now and I just finished Ashes of Malmouth and about to check the new things.

My character is a Warder obviously and I love the idea of using Primal Strike as my main attack.

I know it probably doesn’t matter since I’m not on ultimate difficulty but I still want a good build and not just random points into things.

Would love a good build, even if it uses level 100 gear just to have as my end goal. Most important though is the setup of devotion and skills and it’s not too complicated with too many skills and attacks.

Any help is appreciated.

I do not think that much have changed with primal strike warders from AoM to FG tbh

This weapon gave me a few ideas for a non-transmuted PS build https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/12672

I used to aim for Veretranga’s ‘Ymirsiol, the Storm Titan’ build (can’t post link yet) Grim tools ID is nZo1kGQ2

I guess what I am mostly wondering about is the new devotions

There are no new lightning damage devotions. You can just ask in his thread if he has any plans in updating it for FG