Figured this would happen...alt-itist be damned.

Ok…so my heavily Solider-spec’d Blademaster is coming along, but I keep finding rifles that really make me want to tool around with a rifle build. I’m barely seeing any builds online that use one. Any thoughts/tips on making one viable?

I’m guessing I’d spec demolition for dmg/CC, but what else?


Friendly bump! :slight_smile:

There’s a lot of viable rifle builds in GD. Cadence Commando and Primal Strike Elementalist are a couple of fun examples. :slight_smile:

I´d rather wait until next year, since the expansion very likely will add some kinda rifle/gun ranged class to the game.

But if you absoultely have to, check this forum out.

Also: please don´t bump your own threads, it tends to anger the forum gods.

Thanks for the heads-up.