Finally posting here :p

Been lurking for a bit after Ceno (can’t seem to tag users on this forum? dang) dragged me into GD, decided it’s probably time to actually post something. Currently working on the following chars:

~65 Fire Strike Gunslinger Sorceress
~25 Pierce DW Melee Blademaster
~23 Tank Blademaster
~20 Aether Arcanist (missiles/ray)

And still have like a dozen other builds I’m thinking of trying. Wish there was some sort of option to speed up leveling for those of us without literal eons of free time but I suppose ARPGs aren’t design to be time-efficient anyway :rolleyes:

But yeah, nice to be here and all that, looking forward to discussing builds n’ stuff with y’all.

Welcome to GD and the forums :smiley:

I know how you feel, i always have like 6 chars im working on at once :stuck_out_tongue:

with mods, you will be able to speed up leveling, and that will be happening soon :wink:

Hi, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

You seem vaguely familiar…

Welcome to Grim Dawn Mr Escape Goat!

If you don’t care about the character names I’ve boilerplated all mastery and hybrids to level 10 with no points used with a few exceptions:

  • some I put one skill point in each mastery level just to galvanize the hybrid
  • some I upped the mastery (or two) to level 10, which I guess can be reduced with the spirit guide, don’t know since I never respec

Names are generic, nothing nasty or anything and with luck later on, perhaps can be renamed easily.

The lore and quest progress is minimal as is the FOW exposure which can easily be reset and perhaps some other suff if important.