Finding Lokarr's creature file

So having fought Lokarr and seeing his abilities, I really love his wave attack animation and I think it would really go well with my mod which has an earth and fire character wave attack. However, I cannot find him. I know he is a secret boss and that is likely why I am having such trouble locating him, but does anyone have any clues? I have found Lokarr spawn area, chest and his sounds, but nothing else, not even his items (he is well hidden). I looked under the nonplayerskills and fx/skillsothergdx1 for some sort of wave attack but nothing is panning out:mad:. Let me know if anyone has a clue!

On a funny note, for the longest time I had been reading skillsother as skill soother, hilarious I know!:stuck_out_tongue:

You want to look under BossSkills/Special/

Thx, I ended up finding it. I was expecting an attackwave and not a projectile_fan template!:smiley: