Finding the Same Items Constantly

I’m just curious if this is a game “feature” that is meant to encourage playing multiple characters or what.

I’ve got about a pool of 20 items that I find one of, each without fail, every second or third run, and it’s really starting to bother me. I’m not sure if there is some RNG weighting system put in place upon character creation that determines what your “common drop pool” will be, or if the game is just mocking me.

With all the new items added to the game, let alone the amount that already existed, why am I cursed to have 2/3 - 3/4 of my elite/legendary drops essentially wasted on the same stuff time and time again?

I’m not asking to find every single drop in a week. I love the hunt for loot. What I don’t love is feeling like so many of my loot drops end up seeming more like missed opportunities.

You can only see a purple drop and get excited (only to feel bitter disappointment because it’s just another copy of the same thing you already found 20 times already) so many times before you just begin to wonder what is going.

Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. It just feels off. And it’s kind of ruining my enjoyment of the loot hunt that I usually enjoy so much.

I’de say rolling multiple characters is encouraged but not mandatory. I mean, what else are you going to do with all of those other Legendaries you have? You can either use them or trade them away (though some people want to stay self found and don’t consider trading as such).

To my knowledge - per game session, the game tracks what Legendaries have dropped, if a Legendary that has already dropped once will drop a second time during the same session, the game tries to reroll it into something else and drop whatever the result is.

What I’m getting at is if you want to less repeats for Legendaries - play for longer sessions. Might be an idea to develop a farming route or go after multiple Nemeses/Bosses, things like that.

Edit: Just to be sure, I should clarify that a ‘session’ is the time between clicking ‘Play Game’ to ‘Exit to Main Menu/Quit to Desktop’.

I know that feeling quite well, you are not alone :slight_smile:

I have played nearly 600h, nearly 100h in endgame with my conjurer and i haven’t got “ONE SINGLE LEGGY SET” with all of it’s items.

One example is Beastcaller: 2/4…and the 2 items i have found several times.

Imo it is only bad luck, can’t believe that the game is creating some kind of itempool at the beginning for every char. This would be really, really annoying.

The only thing we could do, is farming, farming, farming :smiley:

Keep it up, some day the items will drop. Promise :wink:

That’s how it goes with RNG and quantum theory. If you really want it, you’ll never find it. Especially farming with the character that needs it.

Make some alts that can use the xfer gear and enjoy them. In my experience it’s the alt that will find the gear for the character you are taking a break from.

This is also the best way to find something fun to play you’d never thought you would have any interest in.

Thanks for the good advice. I just liked the idea of doing all my item finding on one character, but ultimately that’s self defeating. Gonna try my hand with some of my other level 85 characters who’ve been in carbonite for a while.

Also, I didn’t know about the game re-rolling an item if you’d already found it in the same session. I’d been running very small and very short sessions thinking that faster would be better. I’ll have to add a lot of additional locations to my runs. Learn something new everyday, even after playing this game for so long. :slight_smile:

from duping heart/brains/blood there doesn’t seem much variety in ranged legendaries (unsurprisingly for crates hate of everything not sword and board) and they aren’t all that legendary.

Personally I’m hating seeing all these component drops; they aren’t rare when you can build them, they drop more often than iron it seems and 90% are nigh on useless for all the bonus they supposedly give and considering items don’t take multiple or stack them having 300 odd of perfect emeralds is a boring space waster.
Simply put they are a boring click mine (like the boxes suspiciously left around bosses you try to kite); we have forging why do we still have to have numerous troll components dropping like f-bombs, why not reinstate some RNG and augment compression to them and simply require they be crafted?

Okay that’s plainly not true what you are seeing is your brains inability to process percentiles in a non emotive context.
If you have 4 character and a 25% chance of attaining a congruent item then you are seeing 3 items that are great for ‘another character’ verse 1 success; so it always seems to be good farming for your other builds.
The truth is per character your odds are no better (using a soldier to farm specifically for the arcanist is still 25%) and if you accept that any improvement is improvement (hunting for any character combination) than you are not really hunting for something, you know specifically building up as a focus say vitality damage; then you are merely accruing by general increment.

A few hundred hours into GD and purple drops be like

Some items are just more common than others. For example, i am 99% sure, that Mythincal Boneshatter Treads are ones of the most common legendary boots (even though they’re BiS for almost every physical or vitality build), because i already got 5 of them, while not having 50% of other Mythical legendary boots at all.

So you’re saying my desires don’t warp the fabric of reality? Seriously?

You’re going with that?

No, it’s not your desires. Your computer has secretly become sentient and hates all beings of flesh. Bad RNG is the first salvo of the coming robot wars! Warn the oth

All is Fine. Silben is currently ingesting food and can no longer post. It is all in your head, don’t worry about it.

I always thought we’d get taken over by giant ants.

Set pieces are like the True legendaries lmao, good luck self find all pieces.


I better get my tin foil hat.

So far, it feels to me like the hardest mythic/epic/legendary items to come across are generally jewelry/accessories.

Playing Melee character and It drops legendary pistols more than anything else.

And pants! Jesus so many pants…

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I’m finding a lot of Silver Guardian/sentinel pieces. I could equip an entire silver army and defeat the Aetherials with all the pieces i’m finding.

+1 for pants, if I could count down how much legendary pants I’ve dropped, for a moment I could find myself in a porn industry.

Btw: you can pause the game, hibernate your pc and continue playing later, still counts as one session.

There was a bug that used to result in a lot of duplicate drops and I’ve been wondering if it snuck it’s way back. I have like 5 mythical exonerators and it isn’t the only item for which I’ve seemed to get an obscene amount of duplicates.