Finding the Same Items Constantly

wonder if this is true for crucible. if you can’t get duplicates in one session of crucible, it would be a very good way to collect full sets, since you can run it over and over in one sitting

IIRC, Zantai (or somebody else) mentioned way back when the “No Duplicates” system was introduced, that it doesn’t truly prevent duplicate drops from happening, it makes it much more unlikely.

Case in point; last night in Elite I got two Empowered Lightning Rods within 2 minutes. If the game is supposed to prevent this, how did that happen? :rolleyes:

Heh. “secretly”…

I’m onto this metal’s scheming the day Nvidia Overlay stopped working.

People have been complaining about RNGs ever since computer games were invented.

The big question is, what do you want Crate to do about it for Grim Dawn?

Keep in mind that whatever you’re going to suggest a) will not be effective enough to solve your issues, b) will have significant unintended consequences, c) will adversely affect the “gambling” aspect of this fundamentally traditional ARPG, d) will require too much time and resources to develop, or e) some combination of the above.

If you think your idea is exceptional, please post it so we can mercilessly prove you wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah it’s true, it’s my main way of farming besides doing short runs in the campaign when I don’t feel like Crucible.
Sometimes I have the same instance on for days in the background and I just do a couple runs when I feel like it.

The problem with this is that the instance gets really laggy after like 30+ resets because of all the residue from the previous rounds. (most likely Anasteria’s Devastation)
I made a feedback thread about this and I hope they’ll do something about it together with the Crucible update.

I really really REALLY want the game to stop giving me the boots of ill omens. Please.

Is there a known (official or fan made) Tiered list based on rarity? Besides the legendaries tied to some bosses.

Or a warborn item has the same %chance to drop with Bruttalax? (insert legendary )

I’m 100% sure, that there are “tiers” of legendary drops, because certain legendaries tend to drop much more often than others.
As it was already said, all endgame legendary sets are quite rare (maybe, with an exception of some weapons). While items like Boneshatter Treads are quite common.