Fire Strike vs Cadence on a specific build.


I’m actually hesitate between Fire Strike and Cadence for my Grenado Build (based on physical/trauma - Fire/Burn). With two gun and a not bad attack speed. And 50% Physical Damage convert to Fire.

I heard cadence was bad because it has no AoE and low Damage compare too Fire Strike.

But, in my final build, I have lot of “special attack” with the two legendary gun, Markovian’s Advantage and Zolhan’s Technique.
Precisely :

  • Crossfire : 10%
  • Salvo : 10%
  • Duelist : 20%
  • Markovian’s Advantage : 20+%
  • Zolhan’s Technique : 20+%
    More than 80% to have a special attack. That’s why i’m thinking the base damage buff of Deadly Momentum can be great (and 50% physical/trauma).

Secondly I already have pretty good AoE with Canister Bomb and Grenado (and Ulzuin Chosen).

Because I’m not sure if it’s a good idea and if I know well the game’s mechanics.

I ask for your opinion.


Fire Strike >>>> Cadence, especially for a ranged build (brimstone ofc)

Definitly Firestrike >>> Cadence for ranged. Also Zolhans isn’t worth investing in as ranged - it doesn’t give extra targets and will only ever fire one gun at once when it procs (hence the boosted weapon damage is offset by the lost chance for an oddhand shot)

As for deadly momentum - you can get better damage buffs in the demo tree.

I read somewhere the “file structure” change for cadence in the hotfix 2 indicating a possible change to cadence, but I haven’t read anywhere what that change is yet.

As far as I currently understand, any build with a lot of weapon pool skills, which I know all that you listed are (with exception to duelist…I assume it is but haven’t confirmed it), Cadence really hurts those builds. As if over rides the chance to do any WPS on the third “Cadence swing”. So basically, all those skills you list, will only have a chance to trigger 2/3 of the time.

The change was % weapon damage scaling was increased on cadence and the scaling for the projectile pierce on fighting form was increased.

Ok, so it still gimps your WPS then…

Yeah, something like 100% pierce at 12/12 fighting Form. Imho, Cadence is still somewhat viable (yet underpowered) only on a pure physical melee build (like a WB).

I don’t know why the devs struggle so much around this skill.

For some clarification :

  • Salvo : 100% main-hand dmg / XXX piercing dmg /10% Chance to be Used
  • Crossfire : 100% main-hand dmg / XXX fire dmg /10% Chance to be Used
  • Duelist : +80% main-hand dmg / +80% off-hand dmg /+25% Crit Damage / xxx Burn Damage Over 2 Seconds (50 Per Second) /xxx Fire Damage /20% Chance to be Used

The main idea is add Deadly Momentum Physical damage (approximatively 500+ I hope with the final build) to these skills (+ Markovian’s and Zolhan’s).

Acutally I’m not really use my gun to make AoE, Canister Bomb and Grenado are actually sufficient to do that.
I really shot on the most dangerous target (and use Grenado too) or finish the survivor.

When the build will be finish, Grenado and Canister will be to 26 and 22 points respectively.
But I search to boost my single target damage. That’s why I hesitate between Fire Strike and Cadence (+ Deadly Momentum)