First attempt at Death Knight- Looking for feedback

As title states it’s my first attempt at a DW DK and im somewhat upset at my final resistances in the long run. I’ve tried several devotion routes. Looking for any suggestions. Everything else feels awesome.

Fixed your build for you

You were using wrong components and your devotion map was a bit off. You also forgot about Soul Harvest - an insane source of flat Vitality Damage. Also, dual Edges of Death > Edge of Death plus any other weapon. You should craft both at Angrim and get that sweet % to Armor bonus. On paper your build looks pretty unkillable with all that leech and Mark of Torment to boot.

P.S. Removed Necrotic Edge, we shouldn’t have too many WPS with Cadence, 2 (3 if you count relic) are more than enough, plus that Terrify won’t do any good to our build.

EDIT: Just noticed that you have dumped way too many points in Cunning, fixed that too. You only need enough cunning to equip swords, rest should go to physique, pumping cunning is for Nightblade based pierce/physical/bleed builds.