First attempt to grim dawn, need some advices on build I play

Hi there. Like in the tittle, I have this commando guy I play right now (Elite) and am looking for some advices. Also I would like to know if my damage is enough at the moment (~30k) because I feel it is a bit low :confused: I mean trash mobs are not a problem, but bosses takes a bit long for my taste. Maybe my devotions needs to be changed or skill levels priority. Looking for any feedback. Much appreciate.

PS. I don’t own Forgotten Gods right now :frowning:

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you have Ashes of Malmouth or just the base game? Makes a difference to the advice we give you.

I have AoM and Crucible DLC.

Well, there are some older AoM Commando builds here

or maybe you could adapt one from the FG compendium

Thanks, this build 2h-Forcewave Pure Physical Commando (Chthon) looks cool to me, but why it’s tagged as “caster” ?

buy the forgotten gods when u can and u wont regret.

Forcewave is a soldier casting skill. Meaning its a range skill that does not involve the player’s equipped weapon directly hitting the enemy. Also forcewave is affected by player’s cast speed unlike blade arc that is working around attack speed(equipped weapon hitting enemy directly)

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