First Time Build - Pyromancer

Currently level 62. For now I’m using dual pistols, and I’m getting good DPS, but I’m a glass cannon like nothing else. The thing is I don’t know what I should be looking for when it comes to gear. I’ve been mostly going for fire damage, and my build is technically fire+chaos. I’m not sure what to do for defense other than the life leech from devotions and blast shield however. What I do know is that I get routinely stomped by things I can’t kill in a few seconds from range. I’ve yet to completely make it through Bastion of Chaos and Port Valbury as a result. I should also mention that I’m playing the base game for now. I want to learn as many of the basics before I get the expansions.

So is there a way to make a pyromancer less squishy, or did I just roll the wrong toon?

Also, on a general note, how much lying character screen is present in this game?

No Blood of Dreeg or Possession is huge “fail” if you are aiming to get some tankyness.

Don’t char upload work with base game chars in grim tools btw?

Ah sorry. Here you go.

what difficulty?

Skip raven and stun jacks and thermite mine. Get curse of frailty, blood of dreeg + modifier and Possession, that should make your more tanky and deal more damage. 4 Life steal is not that much also.


So max out Blood of Dreeg and Possession? That would take points away from Blackwater Cocktail, Thermite Mine, and Hellfire Mine however. Would that be worth it then? Making a pure range over a hybrid range/caster?

Yes, either go ranged or caster. You said you wanted to learn the game, here is the truth: hybrids seldom works. Now you are ranged, caster and summoner hybrid.

1 point BWC does NO damage btw

Your attack speed is almost non-existing so your Fire strike will be slow as a turtle

Determine what playstyle you would prefer, then we can take it from there.

For ranged, maybe I should take all points out of BWC put them into Solael’s Witchfire, Consecrated Blade, and Sigil of Consumation?

Sigil of consumption will just be another thing you have to cast that disrupt your attacks. But nevertheless, it is better than BWC for surviving.

You have no acid resist. This Blood of dreeg can help you with.

Remember that Posession will give you loads of damage as well as damage absorption. At level 62, you should definitely have an exclusive skill. But since you go pyromancer you need both trees maxed, which will leave you thin.
changed skills, devos, and component in gloves and helm

tbh I think the best pyromancer you can make now is caster with BWC and Sigil

Vindictive Flame over SoC then?

What do you mean by exclusive skill?

All masteries, except Demo andNightblade has one or two toggle skills called “exclusive skills” since only one can be active. They are typically one of the strongest passive skills the mastery has.

Would that entail removing points from Fire Strike and Brimstone?

Also why remove Hellhound and Hellfire? The fire+chaos% looks like it would go a long way.

Do you wanna play caster, ranged or summoner?

You can get the same damage from hell hound aura from other skills (like possession, solaels witchfire)

I’d been thinking ranged with this skill setup. I’d have SW, Possession, HH, and HF.

why so much flashbang? the modifier is better

The dog will die in higher difficulties unless you invest lots of defensive measures for it.

Also no resistance reductions = much less damage. Resistance reduction is king in this game

Flashbang is for CC, DA-, and because I was under the impression that every Demo should have some points in it.

As for HH/HF, I feel like I’d be losing a lot of damage with that removed. But if I remove those points, where would they be best suited for a ranged build? Vindictive Flame and Ulzuin’s Wrath?

Bosses can’t be confused, but bosses can be made to fumble / impaired aim. 1,5k OA is good for normal, you do not need that DA shred.

Dog might survive now in normal, but later… he wont stand a chance.

Another issue you have from dying in BoC is lack of resistances (vit and chaos) and also poison in case you get poison damage mutator.

Well I intend to stick with Aspect of the Guardian for the res.

This build is working out quite well. Should I stick to Fire Strike for DPS? I have Devil-Touched Ammo on both of my guns, so should I use Demon’s Breath as well, or does that interrupt my DPS too much?