First time playing, should I get all XP/DLCs immediately?

Hello All!

I’m at Lvl 19 (Arcanist) right now, loving GD and it looks like this is an Amazing community. I have two questions:

  1. should I get any of the expansions right now or just play through vanilla till the last Act, and then get the expansions?

  2. what are the must-have mods? Looks like the Rainbow one is a no-brainer…any others for managing inventory? Are all the mods curated here in the forums?

Thanks in Advance!

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s really up to you. The expansions add new acts to explore, new masteries, new factions, etc, but you can certainly play the base game without them and have a lot of fun.

Depends on what you call must haves. Grim Dawn Item Assistant or GDStash are the main storage systems people use. GDStash also has editing features. Grim Interrnals is another tool a lot of people use, though some of it’s main features were included in a recent patch to the game.

Not sure what you mean by mods being curated. Many mods/tools are here of course, but not all of them. And they’re not overseen by Crate if that’s what you’re suggesting.


About the mods, I’m asking if they are all listed here or I have to go to a third party website to search and download them.

About the expansions, if I’m going to buy them anyways at some point, am I missing out in anything right now by not having them installed–even assuming that I don’t venture into those content areas till I complete all of vanilla?

If you enjoy the base game and think you’ll be playing it long-term (like someone would do for other ARPGs), then I’d highly recommend getting the expansions as soon as you can, or at least Ashes of Malmouth.

Both add a hefty amount of new features, mechanics and items that are great to have. They really are worth the pricing for how much content and playtime you can get out of them.

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No, I believe there are some mods on places like Nexus that aren’t listed here. Could be some on Mega too I guess.

All the mods here in the Modding Projects section will have links for downloading them in their threads.

Try playing around and building a few characters. If you’re diggin the vibes, and want more character building diversity options, then pick up the DLCs. Malmouth will give you 2 new classes and some devotions, and Forgotten Gods will give you another new class and more devotions to choose from.

If you get pleasure from build crafting and experimenting, this game will provide you with IN-SANE replay value, hours upon hours of entertainment, and the expansions only add to that, so yeah I highly recommend them if you’re liking what you see so far.

It’s also worth mentioning that Black Friday sales and Xmas sales are just around the corner - the expansions likely won’t see as deep a price cut as the base game but it’s something to consider. With that said, they are more than worth their default prices, imo.

Welcome to the forums mate!

You’re right, the regulars here are amazingly helpful.

As a almost one year player of GD I would highly recommend you purchase the expansions. They add a lot to the game and Crate is a company I wholeheartedly recommend you support with your $.

I can’t help with mods…I do not use any.

Great game, great replayability.

I would definitely recommend “Ashes of Malmouth” and “Forgotten Gods” after your first playthrough.
The “Crucible’” is a sort of personal choice.

I don’t have Cucible and do not enjoy fighting endless waves in a dungeon, but hey, if you are into that sort of play, by all means add “Crucible” to your installation.

The base game is like a huge demo for the full game, so if you enjoyed it so far, there’s really no way around the expansions for you :wink: They add not only massive content, but also new features like the Illusionist from AoM and the Transmuter from FG. So yeah get them immediately, or at least asap :slight_smile:

I’d also like to recommend the Steam Loyalist Packs :blush:

Even if you are not enjoying the game yes you stilll have to buy all dlcs and packs and yes I am forcing you to do it!! :sweat_smile: