First toon question

Just picked up the expac because Necromancer… I mean c’mon. I played the game at release but only up until the 30’s or so. I’m wanting to build a toon to take me all the way through the game. Of course I want to pair it with the Necro tree. I was thinking a melee type toon like a deathknight, or a complete pet build.

Which would be easier for a noob?


The DK isn’t well-geared in terms of items right now. I’ve parked mine at level 60-ish for a bit.

There are some good Reaper builds emerging, and the pet / summoner lay-zee build is very strong (but not necessarily for Crucible if that’s your thing).

Of the three, right now, the 2-H Reaper is my favourite (Necro / Shadowblade).

Sweet thanks. Nailed my question. I’ll probably just start two toons since I want to experience the necro from the melee and pet side. I’ll definitely take your advice on the Reaper, but do you think pairing the necro with occ or shaman would be better?

I can’t really comment on the Shaman as I haven’t tried it. The Cabalist (Necro + Occultist) is the obvious summoner-centric build but the acid / poison / vitality synergies will probably work well.

Am currently levelling a Necro and am considering this route myself, more of a fast running about DoT caster build.

If you wanna do melee necro I suggest you get on the reaper (nightblade 2nd) hype train. It is by far the best option with and without gear for melee necros imo

awesome, thanks for replies