First try on build. Input apreciated!

So i finally tried to make my own build. Since i’ve played most combinations on all classes while i wait for the expansion i tried to find one that was new to me. The result is a lightning dual wield druid. Overall im quite happy with the results but im sure the gurus here could give me some advice about improvements. Its still a bit weak against nemesis bosses (although i managed to kill fabius quite easy).

So, any input apreciated =)

Probably the thing that stands out the most to me is your low OA and high % crit damage conflict one another. You need your OA to be higher to make use of your crit damage effectively on bosses.

I notice you don’t have points in Inner Focus or Tenacity of the Boar. Both of these would be good places to start but you’ll likely need/want more.

Tried to improve and give you different ideas without too many MI’s. The last one Elementalist that uses maxed Static Strike should have the highest flat Lightning damage which isnt shown in the grimtools.

I went for overall solid ADCtH because its a safe bet. This setup has hard time reaching high OA threshold but your OA is too low especially considering the really high Crit Damage, cant really utilize that source with that low of an OA.

Thanks for input. Will have a look at my build and see what i can do.