Flat damage and weapon damage


is this flat damage multiplied by 420% cadence OR just added after 94-127 of the weapon is multiplied by 4.2?
The reason for the question is this

Dismissing all other stats, except for the circled ones, wouldn’t the flat damage difference make 76 (yellow) pierce damage modifier less than dermapteran slicer’s extra 25 pierce damage from puncturing prefix? 25*4.2 = 105 > 76.

Red is multiplied by Cadence weapon damage, yellow not.

Yes. Btw this Dermapteran has 30 not 25 extra (50+62) / 2 = 56 which is 30 more than (25+27)/2 = 26.

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dis why flat dmg mods to some skills sucks, like cadence, while regular global flat is awesome :pensive:


Just get greens with all Cutthroat’s prefix :wink::joy:

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“if you don’t have atleast 4 greens with a cutthroat prefix, do you even have a real pierce build ?”