Flattening tool & hopefully LAND RAISING tool too one day :)

Hello devs & fellow players,

Started this thread on the topic of improving the flattening tool to ultimately become a terraforming one by having also the ability to raise land in the same way as Valheim allows (although its a different genre game) - it will allows us to build truly beautiful and exotic cities and will make the game a lot more enjoyable, which should not be difficult to implement.

Thank you devs for this great game!

You can raise land now, just only up to a level you already have with another segment of land. You can’t just go higher.

The flattening tool does an average of the selected area so you always end up losing height

We’ll just disagree on that then.

send me the seed and settings would like to see how your mountain looked before the city

Can’t. With the 0.7.5 patch it’s completely different. None of the seeds work the same after the patch. Even if I load up an old save and just hit “Restart Map” it’s now completely different. Which sucks because I liked that seed, played 3 different maps there.

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