Food Stocks Low triggered per Item not "per all food"

The “Food Stocks Low” warning appears to be triggered when we run out of a single item, and doesn’t take in to consideration the total amount of food available. Case in point: I had about 3 months of supply, specifically 500 meat, 50 fish (and others)… When the fish went to 0, it triggered “Food Stocks Low” warning: the 500 meat (and other stuff) was still enough for 3 more months of food.

Assuming i’ve diagnosed correctly: this may well be by design, but i would suspect it’s only “very late game” that settlers have ALL available food items stocked 100% of the time as to not trigger this warning. I would suggest taking the total amount of food and potentially warning if one month or below of food left?

It triggers at 3 months, since you only have 3 or less months of food remaining. When your fish went to 0 you likely went from 4+ months to 3 months of food.

Ah ok thanks

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