For those with crappy graphics cards

I thought I was out of luck when my gtx 560ti died and my back up was a GT 520, but alas it still plays…and quite well!

While in 2012 when I got my PC the 560 was 3rd or 4th tier from the top it aloud me to play Grim Dawn with effects on setting on high or medium achieving 60fps no problem. When it died and I plugged in the GT 520 ouch lag and terrible. I gave away all my stuff cause i’m to poor to buy even a $200 1050ti.

A week ago I about got sick of Diablo 2 ladder nonsense and lack of bots for high rune words to be doable. So I looked at Grim dawns min requirements. Think it said GT 6800. Googles the difference between that and the 520 and to my surprise the 520 beat it at benchmarks!!

Reloaded game set all settings to low or off. Suddenly it was sort of playable. Then it worked… screen resolution made all the difference went from the max resolution @ 60mhz to smaller resolution @ 50mhz!!! Boom it’s playable visually Titans Quest quality diablo 2 darkness!! FPS 30-40 not bad but I can play again!!

Hope my story can help those of us that are poor.

Onto my new mage hunter- rocking with word of pain, flames of ignaffar, rune of kalastar and olexa’s flash freeze! Kind of fun starting 100% fresh no tweeking (till I saw that I don’t have the runebinder hat blue print from before—- oh the blueprints)