Forced attack + Mobility skills = Decreased DPS <--- Is this intended?

Using forced attack while spamming a mobility skill (e.g. Shadow strike) will result in the character brainlessly autoattacking an empty spot.

If a mobility skill is used while spamming your main ability with forced attack, you will significantly reduce your attack/casting speed.

Is this intended? Because it can be very very detrimental.

I think SS and other movement hits are recognized as a cast. I remember when i built a Cadence char with max Blindside for DA shred, Blitz would hit instantly during non-stop Cadence spam.

Attack and cast recovery seem to be separate and only slow each other for the animation duration. But if you have two skills both attacks (Righteous Fervor and ABB) or both casts (PB and supposedly SS) you will suffer the attack and cast recovery respectively.

This is the only explanation i can see for the second question. First one - not sure. I did spot smth similar yesterday and was surprised.

I’ve also occasionally accidentally interrupted Shadow strike MID shadowstrike. i.e. I don’t reach the intended destination. I’ll try and replicate this

After 10 minutes of mind numbing testing, I managed to capture this “interruption” once on recording.

Pay attention to the CD of violent delights after the first charge

Looks like a bug. I can’t think of a reason why the cast would stop there.

I have another interesting thing of that caliber. I have a 0.9 sec cd on ABB and sometimes it cancels by the RF even though it shows as pressed on the skillbar. It happens when you spam RF. If you just hold it and press ABB on cd, all is good.