Forcewave is underrated.

I started playing the game just a few weeks ago, 2 days before patch I picked Commando as my first character because I knew I wanted Soldier and then Demo because my gf was going for a cold/lightning build. I don’t really care for builds that rely on auto-attack skills like Firestrike or Cadence, and when I tried Forcewave with the Tremor transmuter I knew I wanted to build around it. It’s exactly the kind of skill that I like to use. I got even more excited when just the next day the skill got a pretty significant buff. I’ve had so much fun developing my character and making him into what he is today that I don’t even really want to make another one, he already suits my playstyle perfectly. When I decide to make a Hardcore character it will certainly be another Commando.

I managed to clear the entire game through ultimate with self-found gear using my own Forcewave build. After that I began seeking out BiS items and reworking the skills/devotions to squeeze out more damage wherever I could. My first Log kill was a battle of attrition that took over 15 minutes, but I was very happy to have done it at all. With BiS gear, including the new Justicar set, the Log fight takes 2.5 minutes. Here’s a video of a full clear of the two floors above Log and the final fight:

I’d like to write a guide for the build if anyone is interested. Anyways, here’s the build with item bonuses and constellations:

When you take the transmuter. It’s better to refer to it as “Tremor”.

I never really considered forcewave to be bad regardless. But I haven’t used it in a long time. Due to the skill using cast speed instead of attack speed some players find it difficult to gear for etc etc.

I consider the spell property to be a benefit more than a detriment. Since it doesn’t operate on the attack timer it lets you alternate between a basic attack like Firestrike and Tremor for pretty insane attack speed even without max casting or attack speed.

Brilliant idea, I can’t believe no one’s mentioned this before. I wonder if Crate intentionally allowed this as it may require putting a lot of skill points into two different skills. But this could become broken with a number of item skills, such as Crown of the Winter King’s. It must get tiring on your fingers though.

You can check my build and see how I distributed my points. I got a lot of extra points by only going to 40/32 on the masteries, and also forgoing the Internal Trauma support which I think is unnecessary since we’re spamming the skill so much. But either way I have less points invested than a lot of firestrike builds put into just the one skill. 15 in forcewave (gear has +11), 12 in rending force, 12 in firestrike, 1 in searing strike and that’s it. The rest of the points go into passives and debuffs. And it takes some practice to find the right rhythm, but it’s gotten to feel very natural to me at this point and it feels very active and engaging IMO.

I’ve found a way to do it with one finger: bind one skill to Mouse Wheel Up and one to Mouse Wheel Down. Then you can just rock slightly back and forth on the mouse wheel to spam both skills. I’ve just tried it with Troll Rage + Forcewave and it’s just totally broken. Crate, are you listening?

Been trying to get people to realize that force wave is being slept on, doesn’t need a nerf I just think it needs to be recognized that it’s a pretty damn good skill. The builds I’ve seen people post are just mis-using it and those that are claiming it needs buffs are just wrong. At least damage-wise, the hitbox detection could really use some work.

Furthermore, Commando is the ideal class to take maximum advantage of forcewave/tremor because Vindictive Flame is just absolutely insane for giving attack speed, cast speed, AND move speed, which ends up being capped. With a build like mine you’re basically limited by whichever is slowest between attack and cast speed so you need a decent amount of both which is why Handguards of Justice are designed the way they are.

I’ve been working on other builds that utilize this concept, namely Thunderous Strike + Panetti’s Replicating Missile but unfortunately PRM actually sucks ass.

Well, usually Nine does pretty good build. Can’t tell how optimized is his commando Forcewave (he pretty much always optimize them good) build but I can tell you I’ve seen many build that kills much faster overall. I still think it need a litle buff.

I’ve also come to the same conclusion; that attack and cast speed should be equalized as much as possible but they both don’t need to be very high.

Other possible combos that might work include:

Fire Strike (ranged) + Greater Fireblast
Fire Strike (ranged) + Chaos Bolt
Thunderous Strike (melee) + Empowered Lightning Nova
Savagery (melee) + Empowered Lightning Nova
Blade Arc + Tremor
Savagery + Tremor
Beronath’s Fury + Winter King’s Might

The ones that use low level item skills might not do a ton of damage, but they’d be awesome at triggering devotion skills.

I know it’s not the fastest killing build around. I don’t think it needs to have an 8 second fabius kill to be considered good though, I’m not that kind of player. It’s certainly no slouch. The thing is my build is incredibly tanky and incredibly versatile. It has very high AoE, much higher than what I’ve seen from some of the ridiculously high single-target damage builds and I end up saving my time in that way rather than just killing bosses fast. The video I have posted was the first time I ran through Tomb of the Watchers after completely reconfiguring my build and as I’ve gotten better at handling it I’ve gotten even faster. I like that about it, that it can handle just about anything that the game throws at me reasonably well. I’m very excited to play it in the upcoming Crucible expansion.