Forgotten Gods on Steam - Ambiguity in requirements?

Shouldn’t it read “This content requires the base game Grim Dawn and DLC Ashes on Malmouth on Steam in order to play.” ??

Steam store states FG require base game twice and pretty high up. It only mentions that FG require AoM further down… See pic below in spoiler

Risk of people getting FG without having AoM and then thinking “F**K I need to get AoM too why wasn’t that on the steam store page?”

Just an idea/concern I had.

Strange because when I looked at it the other day it clearly said you need AoM to be able to play it.

As far as I know, Steam automatically adds the line that you need the base game. But anyway, if you’re buying something without reading stuff, and something doesn’t work, you either ask steam or actually read the store page.

It does, but only further down in the content description. Did you see the pic?

Not sure when I looked at it the other day if it had the base game info or not. :undecided:

“Forgotten Gods require Ashes of Malmouth DLC to play” could be put much higher up in the “About this content” and in larger font and different color.

Its like buying stuff from TV-shop and then not reading the fine print…

Important and vital information about a product should be visible and easy to access.

I am not complaining, I am just wondering if it could be more visible that FG require AoM too and just not only the base game.

In my country we sometimes have info about a particular product only when we ask the person that sells it. Doesn’t matter if it’s something very important or not.

I would not like to be a salesman in Hungary :wink: